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  1. Hello #DSGANG! First of all, no this isn't a resignation. hehe. I am just writing this post to formally apologize to the community for my recent inactivity. Even though I am able to squeeze in a few hours a day to dedicate to Dreamscape, I am currently extremely overloaded with work and studies for my finals, which are next weekend. This has caused a lot of stress, and I am also dealing with some family issues right now as well, but I won't smother you guys with my problems, however, it has been extremely difficult for me to find the time I used to be able to dedicate (10 hours+ a day) with my current schedule, and I plan on dedicating my old hours as soon as I am done this semester. I have never been this interactive and in touch with a community before, and I would never trade it for a million dollars. I am so privileged to be apart of the best staff team out there, and I hope my studies doesn't jeopardize my position. With that being stated, this formal apology goes out to every single Dreamscape player. Upon regaining all of my free time, I plan on completing a few of these personal achievements. Red = not started Yellow = in progress Green = completed Become in-game administrator Become in-game moderator Become in-game helper Steadily maintain at least 6 hours a day online Become a main discord entertainer Achieve 50 days in-game (37/50) Type faster than Road 2 Swag Do at least 1 giveaway a day Suggest at least one new content idea a week (or more) Become a go-to person for in-game help ADDING MORE SOON.
  2. henlo. I did the youtubes. recorded with my potato, enjoy.
  3. Welcome man. Can't wait to see more from you, pm me in-game if you have any questions
  4. I love literally all foods man, but lately to be completely honest with you, I've been eating burrito bowls a loooooot. There is so many different combinations of food that you can get, it never really gets old.
  5. Sad to see you go man. I would like to know why :(
  6. Ayee all my peoples. Thanks homies.
  7. Bye

    Later boi!
  8. Hi

  9. Awesome man! What a solid introduction. Hope to see more of you in-game, can't wait to see what you make of Dreamscape. If you need anything, feel free to PM me
  10. This is absolutely brilliant my friend. I have been wanting something like this forever, just didn't know how to correctly go about the idea. I /Vouch/
  11. Loving the videos man! Enjoying the quality content, keep it up and you'll be doing great things!
  12. Ayeeee nice video man! Keep it up with the good content, im loving this!
  13. This was awesome to watch bro. I really enjoyed watching the players reactions and watching you help this community out. Keep doing what you're doing
  14. Awesome video man! We appreciate the content and the dedication to making youtube videos! You're doing a great job, keep up the good work!
  15. Not bad man, I am always for new content and items. Debatable on the stats, but it would be awesome to see your idea in game! Good luck, /VOUCH/