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  1. Great job on the application! You are an active player on the game and in discord. Trustworthy and very kind. I 100% vouch on this
  2. Like others said before me. Good app but you lack the minimum requirements. Also not smart to bring TD team down. There is almost always an active td ready to help. At this time I will have to say no vouch. Read requirements again best of luck. All ment as a positive response
  3. Amazing job ethereum! Keep up the good work
  4. There are many sites that turn pictures into URLs that you can post your screenshots with. Give us some more information here this app is kinda vague. I feel this application was thrown together to fast. All ment as a positive response. Good luck on your application for now I'm going to stay Neutral
  5. very active player and active gambler! Always active in discord and talking to community! Trusted in the community and i believe he would be a great addition to the TD team VOUCH
  6. I see karanes always active in dicezone and always active in discord. He is an active player, and is known in discord and well respected. I feel he deserves this positon. Saying this VOUCH
  7. Yooo suhhhhhhhhhhhhh dude
  8. Very unique idea! Would be interesting to see how that is created.
  9. vouch
  10. Username: Listy420 Total In-Game Time: 15:22:20 Timezone: Pacific Standard Time: EST Payouts (Screenshots): 1.2q pot screenshots (with firered and amonns permission) Bank (Screenshots): Rank screenshot: Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: I would like to chosen to be a Trusted dicer for a couple of reasons. First off, Dreamscape is a big hobby of mine and I am a daily player. With this being said I am willing to take the time to help the community and the gambling community. I am a night time player I usually come online around 1130pm after work (eastern US timezone). When I come online most trusted dicers are going to bed or already sleeping. I have been thinking about applying for quite awhile now and seeing this at night time, I feel I could help the community a lot. I am an active daily player and a gambling fanatic (in real life also lol). I also notice some trusted hosts sit AFK in dicezone, saying this if my account is logged into dreamscape I will not be inactive, but will be available to help the community. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: Well I would tell them as a Trusted Dicer I do not have the power to return any items or cash. I would talk to the person and get the whole story from his point of view. If the player knows the other players name who possible scammed him I would try to resolve the issue between both sides. If the player has video proof I can do my best to contact staff and give them all the information I can about the issue and refer the player to a staff member. If he has no video evidence I would have to tell them without any evidence I cannot help you in any way. I would inform them to record their gambles from now on. Thank your for taking the time to read my application Listy420
  11. look up magic gear in wiki
  12. GRATZ!
  13. Damn i missed it whens next one?