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  1. rangezeze

    Ign: Rangezeze Tz: Eastern Europe
  2. rangezeze

    Welcome back! Epic content coming every month!
  3. rangezeze

    This looks cool. Do you mind if i make same kind of list with my own loots?
  4. rangezeze

    Vouch. Cash rewards from caskets are ridiculous
  5. Very nice and detailed guide. Like you said, pretty much everything you need to know about arcade is covered in this video. Big thumb for commentary too. You have clearly used pretty much time making this guide and it's not rushed. Definitely want to see more videos from you
  6. rangezeze

    Are we in Dreamscape
  7. rangezeze

    Congratz to winners!
  8. rangezeze

    You were one of the best staff here! Glad to see you still playing Keep making those awesome vids!
  9. rangezeze

    Noo best admin :( Whats going on here, Bowwow and listy out and now you.. Anyways, good luck on future!
  10. rangezeze

    Agree with both. Chaos should be buffed and same goes for American torva (u) and maybe Shadow torva too? Never tried AWP Asiimov, but i heard it sucks. Donation store should be "cleaned" anyways, take off those Brutal whips (10$), Ice katanas (13$), Assault rifles (10$) etc.
  11. rangezeze

    I think the rates are good on chest atm, or i just had incredibly good luck. I like the idea of adding soul keys to drops and make it rare ofc. Maybe make monsters drop more souls too. Like Willy said, it takes about 30-40 kills to get enough souls for key and that takes ages for beginners, depending on monster. You should post this thread to suggestions.
  12. rangezeze

    Im sorry, but this is very stupid suggestion. Try lowering your prices for items.
  13. rangezeze

    Nice! Good luck man!
  14. rangezeze

    I was gonna suggest same thing. I often miss that message in chat about overload getting worn off. Definitely VOUCH
  15. rangezeze

    Welcome! Torille!