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  1. Realized 50 designs wasn't too much of a challenge with all my lit customers! So, I decided to hit up 50 more, les gooo! Much love to all the support guys <3
  2. Ay Ay Ay! Shop Revamped BOIS!@!@! LES GOOOO
  3. Hey guys! I decided to set some goals for myself and share it with y'all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Achieved Processing Didn't Start Yet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revamp My GFX Shop Reach 50 sold GFX Designs [ 31/50 ] Reach 100 sold GFX Designs Become GFX Designer Buy an Owner's Cape Buy a Glaive Reach 150Q Cash Stack [ 5Q / 150Q] Reach 200Q Cash Stack Become Drax's E-girl -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wish me luck bois!
  4. Fken hot! Gj on the updates again guys! Keep up the great work
  5. Unexpected! Thank y'all who voted for me. And Congrats to everyone else.
  6. @Feeds I didn't quit bro I'm inactive due to traveling. XD
  7. My latest works! @A N O R A K @Rikkih ty for the purchases!
  8. MA boii. Welcome to forums hun <3
  9. Definitely vouch. Great content and often uploads. Gl❤️
  10. Name: Amir Age: 16 (Born: May 25th, 2001) In-Game Name: TigerZ How long have you been on Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums): Joined February 18th, 2018 How much content have you created for our community?: I have designed around 15 contents. In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve this rank: I feel like I have the essential potential to join the graphics design team, considering that I've had plenty of awesome feedbacks over my previous designs. And I am flooded with commissions. I believe I am a decent gfx designer eager to learn, and showing that I've actually made major improvements over time. What are your plans for the future?: Soon I will be moving out for college studying accounting. What is your previous experience with Graphics Design, before DreamScape?: I am a sales manager in a graphic designing inc. I've made a couple logos in the past but all the gaming stuff started after I joined dreamscape and I think I've built quite the portfolio. Have you been banned/muted before?: Nope If yes to above explain why: N/A What could you contribute with to the GFX part of our community?: I can provide the server with any GAME related GFX. Including thread headers. What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape GFX Designer?: Creativity Integrity Discipline Accountable Self-motivation Link/Show 5 pieces of content created by you (Show variety): https://imgur.com/a/klvtu (This isn't all my works) Do you meet the requirements for becoming a GFX Designer?: Yes
  11. Wow! Cool sig, who made you that? ;) 

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      You diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid :) 

  12. Winners: 1st: @death xx god 400t cash! 2nd: @Mrscortes 250t cash! 3rd: @Hc Neymar Jr 150t cash! Congrats to all the winners!
  13. 800t Giveaway All you've got to do to enter this giveaway is; 1. Like this thread. 2. Comment your in-game name. (if your in-game name is different than your forums name) 3. And hope that you win. Prizes 1st place: http://prntscr.com/io93jp 2nd place: http://prntscr.com/io938c 3rd place: http://prntscr.com/io92xi Giveaway Ends Once We Hit 12+ players
  14. This is for the haters who say that I quitted for pixels... I didn't quit for pixels. Just 1-hour effort and went from 0 to 10q cash. http://prntscr.com/io3ffd Btw I decided to get on once in a while to check on lovely friends.
  15. Aww :( why resign? 

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      To be fair, I did not resign.