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  1. IGN Michigan Best of luck!
  2. Oh man! Sad to see you go. See you on discord. Best of luck
  3. Pretty great concept. I like the idea and gives incentive for people to get out and grind PVM. //vouch//
  4. Yo this is insane! Executive zone looks absolutely awesome and I am so glad the sponsor shop got a little update. Keep the lit content coming!
  5. Hi

    What up Carter! Good to have you actively in discord lately my man talk to ya later
  6. Hey! welcome to Dreamscape! Hope you enjoy it feel free to PM me in game if you have any questions or need help on anything.
  7. You should have waited and gotten those screen shots as they are required. That automatically puts you at a disadvantage for the position. Spell check would have helped you out here as well. With that said this is more about you as a player in game and I think you have good intentions on this application. I think you could potentially be a good trusted dicer no doubt about that. But you aren't online very much. You are active while online but the amount of time is minimal. I will stay neutral the application as I feel like you could put more effort into it. Good luck man.
  8. ---

    I certainly like the concept of this idea. Sometimes the amount of cash needed to upgrade your gear set up seems impossible for non-donators and we see people revert to begging quite a lot. I am not saying this will remove that problem but I definitely think ideas like this could be an incentive for people to play and grind the server more. Pretty good idea you have here my man.. I like where your thoughts are on trying to keep players on the server and that is the ultimate goal. Keep it up man and I hope to see some of your ideas in game!
  9. ---

    This is actually an awesome idea.. This would help players out who do not want any of those items or players who have all the items in the shop. This would definitely increase the popularity of this shop and then all players can utilize it. I really like Ethereum's addition to the idea because I have had many times I was only say 3 points short off of an item! Good idea in my opinion and I vouch.
  10. I agree with this 100% because it kind of gets you in the mind set after a while that you'll never get a good drop. If there were more inbetween drops coming in then I feel like it would keep one's hope alive to keep grinding that raid for the best drop. Good suggestion and keep grinding man and you'll be rewarded!
  11. It is important to take care of your business irl my man! See you when you get back. Hope all is well!
  12. Hey man keep up the good work! Stay dedicated to the grind and you will definitely get great rewards!
  13. Good video. Will be looking forward to commentated videos Keep up the content man!
  14. Yo this is awesome! I just had someone ask me today how to fp. Now I can make sure I let them know about this guide from now on. You did an amazing job on this man, thank you!
  15. Ayooo! Nice to meet you. I have seen you a bit already. Glad to have you around and welcome to the dsgang! If you have any questions about anything send me a pm in game