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  1. supppppp
  2. I'm going right a list of acheivments maybe they will use my list
  3. I gotchu! like for acheivments, make new ones like easy med hard extreme uber like uber would be like 10k kc for a boss extreme would be 7500 hard would be 5000 med 2500 easy 750 for non bossing like clean herbs plant seeds cook/catch fish maybe use 100 lamps or 500 lamps or something bury bones of some sort and as of rewards, maybe like add American pernix , gold ak, stupid stuff like that , that wont destroy the market, but stuff you can make money from to be rewarded and for squeal of fortune maybe add pets, American torva and stuff, American items, better stuff then ely and fury (or), I could make an acheivment list for you guys if youd like as a guide
  4. I suggest that we look into adding more achievements, and better achievement reward shops, give the player something more to do instead of just pvm, and skilling, or gambling, Bring in more achievements or diarys, or something with a little more to do!, I love the game how it is but this would make it even better! And possible revamping the squeal of fortune, maybe 2 free spins per day, 3 if regular donor, 4 is super donor 5 is extreme ect... and some more rewards from squeal
  5. welcome bud, you will enjoy it, this is the greats rsps out there and the most unique!
  6. welcome! hope to see you ingame soon!
  7. granted, but you will now have super excessive urination! I wish I had friends!
  8. not bad man lucky on the emperor!
  9. very nice my friend! keep up the grind!
  10. wow this is awesome very impressive! KEEP IT UP
  11. I dig it man!
  12. I love that this server has this lol, introducing new players and stuff this is awesome!
  13. good guide haha short and sweet