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    Love getting stoned and hanging out with my friends and family. Love riding dirt bikes and go karts. Love playing video games just ask me which ones. :)

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  1. Love the content didy. Keep up the good work! This should help a lot of new players out when we redirect them to ::mbox. Thank you, we appreciate it!
  2. Aye good video man. Love the style of music you chose. Very catchy lol.
  3. Oooh yes that’s a lovely idea. I’d love for the king of the north quote added plus the special attack and buffed stats. I Vouch for this!
  4. Haha dubbys favorite is definitely what you think it is. Always love watching your videos didy. Thank you homie! #DSGANG forever :D
  5. Keep up the good videos homie! Loving these episodes, I was excited to watch the new one. Haha
  6. Lmfao zodiac that was pretty good XD
  7. @ChilladinYT has been banned for not making more Youtube videos yet! More videos pls.
  8. What would he catch? A baseball? A football or maybe a good time only the whore house will tell! Good suggestion @Zodiac and @Ethereum these guys got all the right ideas!
  9. I play some football but that’s about it lol.
  10. Hey jack we are so glad to have you a part of dreamscape! Feel free to pm me about anything. My inbox is always open if you need any help or just want to genuinely talk about life itself. I hope you enjoy your stay and Good luck with your journey buddy.
  11. Welcome to the server! Abit late eh? Nevertheless we’re glad you are introducing yourself to the forums. Feel free to pm me if you need help. My inbox is always open for a chat.
  12. Pretty good man faster beats is better to me honestly though.
  13. There’s actually no set drop rates. No one knows honestly, it’s about pure luck.
  14. Yeah agreed these are inaccurate pretty much. Need a newer updated guide.