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  1. Great update once again, might have to start doing daily tasks now
  2. Tman786

    Always sad to see someone go. Wish you the best of luck IRL and hope you may return one day.
  3. I'm really sorry for your loss, and even though I didn't have the chance to meet her it seems that she was loved on here. Hope you get through this <3
  4. Tman786

    Welcome my man, nice to see more YouTubers, that scene's popping already. See you around dude.
  5. Tman786

    Thanks for the kind words ^^ Just a note, I forgot to add the last one for some reason, so just bumping this in case anyone's interested.
  6. Tman786

    Welcome back mate, hope I see you around on here and discord.
  7. Tman786

    Looks great, and what I like is that it's not really the kind of style you usually see, which adds to it imo. Hope to see more in the future
  8. Tman786

    The first one looks pretty nice. The text could use some work but that's the case for most GFX artists :P Keep going and you'll keep improving!
  9. Tman786

    Hey man, welcome to the server. Neat little intro. Hope I see you around more on the forums an discord, and if not then maybe ingame.
  10. Tman786

    Ayy welcome back mate, sarcasm is always welcomed and appreciated by me. See you around.
  11. Tman786

  12. Tman786

    Welcome to the forums mate. I've already found this community to be welcoming, especially the forums one Hope I see you around on here.
  13. Tman786

    Seen you around a lot already since I joined. Can't fault the music taste
  14. Tman786

    And here I thought it was just photography. Insanely talented dude!