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  1. Hi, my suggestion would be to buff the og dragon drop table since the only good thing to get is the electronic katana. it seems like everybody wants to do every other raid but og dragon. i have talked to a few people and they also said voldemort has a better drop unless you would obtain the katana. flame torva isnt really worth getting in this raid and white armor is just way common from this raid. right now i have killed og dragon over 4040 times and i have not recieved the katana yet, but im keeping my hopes up and grinding away for it. Thank you for taking your time in reading this and i hope it gets passed through
  2. 808raptor. thanks for the giveaway! really appreciate it
  3. Yeah I agree on having the admins give them the donation themselves. What if the donation goes through and the deals don’t go to their collection chest or bank while there is no admin active for that time.
  4. yeah buffing it would be cool, but im not gonna use the blood sniper at all. it is just sitting in my bank while im using my golden minigun. I would rather just have it tradeable, but thats just me. Either way sooner or later a lot of people are gonna get the blood sniper but you cant really do anything with it if its untradeable and its not your best range weapon.
  5. well, i wouldn't want to make the weapon to overpowered, but yeah i wouldnt mind making it hit very hard but not as quick. Also buffing the stats and making it tradeable does sound good. If someone does get it as a drop, i would want to be like "OMG, i finally got the Blood sniper".
  6. So I recently acquired the blood sniper. It is a very rare drop along with the devious armour. When I acquired it, I thought it was actually going to be something nice an special to use. As I started to use it, I found out that it wasn’t as good as I anticipated. The damage wasn’t very good, it’s like using another assault rifle, the rate of fire was very high. What was really weird was that it was untradeable. Now why would that need to be untradeable though. All I’m asking is either to make it tradeable or make it so that it’s actually a good drop to get from Diablo. If someone else was to get it as a drop. They would be happy at first, but when they start to use it. They would just be like “ oh great, I got a blood sniper. What’s so good about this?”.