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  1. Hello peps Bevilm here I don't really know what to say but I will try. I'm quitting DS I'm not angry at the server or have problems no, in fact, I'm very sad to leave but it is real life problems and outer stuff that keep me away. and its summer now here so its party time! butt and this is a big butt I will maby return in December of this year if possible and of course, i wanna say thanks to all the players and bro's on ds for helping me and supporting and just the good times I will miss you all and of course a big thanks to my legendary friend list who i played whit and laugh! @Feeds tyvm my bro for all those fun days much respect and love for you! @DRAX draxy i said it before all my custom items all my donations you handle whit care and precision! I'm glad you become the co-owner @Bellatrix hehe my girl ty for all those days when telet form place to place to kill bosses for slayer well you did i followed hahaha @jasonnvp ty my friend for all the talks and items we shared hope all goes well and gl to you for the car @Hc Blaze newest helper but my favorite 1 of course @xJerr ty for all the fun times the memories now i will see you again @Flae you and swag always did great event i love them and to see them happen was honor keep up good work bro @Road 2 Swag wel man i just love you ty for all your help and talks @Rikkih gl and all the best whit youtube and your goals @Lil Bowwow you are amazing at the game of gambling ty for all the help then for all those, i forgot but not really idk lol darek vinyard = peace be whit you i enjoyed my stay and maby i return but for now, this is my goodbye keep up good work keep server alive and i wish you all the best peace out this was and always will be ► be evil master
  2. welkom to the dsgang feel free to pm me if you need help have fun and enjoy
  3. Treasure chest(#1) i think it is a little out of date or to the low price for a hard drop so I'm suggesting that Mabie the reward can be different but not to ultra so i was thinking of reward list like this:: Common = 10 souls (radom boss) Rare = 20 - 50 souls (radom boss) Very rare = 100 - 200 souls (radom boss) Ultimate = 200 - 400 souls(radom boss) Dream = a rare drop of a random boss expt necro, od , or outer op bosses (or 400- 1000 souls)(radom boss)
  4. hi and welcome to the dsgang XD hope you will enjoy the server pm always open have fun cya around
  5. hi and welcome to the family XD hope you will enjoy the server pm always open have fun cya around
  6. hi and welcome to the server have fun cya around
  7. hi Welkom to the family XD have fun cya around
  8. this is sick wawie wawie gl bro have fun sure wanna see more of this
  9. i hope you can complete them all best of luck cya around have fun
  10. good luck on all of that. i really wanna see the updates on that. to see your progress
  11. not really but more then the corporal beast that exclusive to loyal players real veterans
  12. go away lol
  13. name = MR. Pinchy effect = 20% DDR (+ 10% DR) examine = he is going to pinch you till give up your stuff! Only getting by loyalty shop (or donation store) i know its little overpowered but make it a high cost loyalty point count
  14. nice idea i thought that was already so
  15. i love dbz vouch i want to see this