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  1. Bellatrix

    Oh I'll be there
  2. Bellatrix

    Please follow this and submit a support ticket. Thank you
  3. Bellatrix

    Congrats on Super! Glad you're liking the server!
  4. Bellatrix

    Congrats on the Sponsor rank, the support is awesome!
  5. Bellatrix

    Congrats on Super, hope to see you extreme or sponsor someday soon! :D
  6. Bellatrix

    Congrats on Sponsor!! THanks for the support!
  7. Bellatrix

    Congrats to the winners! enjoy those customs!
  8. Bellatrix

    I always love q and a videos, I'm down
  9. Bellatrix

    Thanks for everything Mich! <3 Im sad to see you leave the staff team but Im glad you are sticking around... IRL always comes first and you are going to achieve some great things :p
  10. Bellatrix

    I have no words for this one, just no words, other than I will get you and Drax back with the trolls in the next one
  11. Bellatrix

    Aww Bowwow <3 Im gonna miss you around the staff team man! but hey pretty soon you will be in my timezone and we are still gonna tear shit up!!
  12. Bellatrix

    What are you're ideas for the pets, how would you get them, bonuses or cosmetic etc etc
  13. Bellatrix

    Congrats on super! Rank given