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  1. I'm going to start expecting a video a day now from you, don't disappoint me! Very useful for new players indeed, thanks for the content! Can't wait for the next
  2. I can see how the thought of item lending could be seen as a good idea but I think it's one of those ideas that look better on paper than in reality. Here's why I think that and for one big reason, mainly because the value of items will slowly deplete. Why save to buy an item or donate when you can just borrow? See what I'm saying. Eventually custom donation items and larger valued items would slowly become less valuable and in the long run could hurt the eco and eventually the server. I like how you thought out this though, really good, keep up the thoughts and suggestions
  3. I like that you did a video of an event, I wish more would do that because it shows the comunity and new members what they can be getting involved with and hopefully help these events grow in size. Nice job, I like it
  4. I agree to adding a spec, it needs to be balanced a bit more to match up to what it's meant to be. I think Bob's idea is fairly realistic at this point for a starting point. Nothing more to say really, those who posted before me covered it real well, so I vouch with all of them. Add a spec, not a one hit, keep the spec useful but not op
  5. moving on up! I honestly didnt know there was that gambling guy in there, wtf haha. I learned something new!
  6. Thanks for the new vid! Was a pleasure to watch. Lol at the dubbys favorite, it is infact what you think it is :p hahaha
  7. Some that would cause itchiness and rashes.
  8. Daaaaaamn, nice event fellas! I better see every person take part in helping make this huge! Goodluck nerds!
  9. Dear god, don't listen to this guy lol Oh and don't listen to @Zodiac either you might pick something up and take it home that you will regret later lmao
  10. Playing for quite some time and finally making a hello post haha better late than never! Glad you're liking it, hope to see you in game more
  11. LMAO, I didn't even catch that if thats legit hahahahaa
  12. I find it alright, I like a bit more faster stuff as Chill said above. However good thing im not Epileptic, the flashing lines woulda got to me haha
  13. oh snap I didnt even see this posted over the weekend. Umm someone suggested a tiered raid idea before, I believe it was BevilM and he had a good concept going I believe. But I am interested in seeing a raid thats tiered whether it be in stages or mobs or hell both and the whole shabang... I agree though, the raids as it is with one boss get alittle overbearingly boring
  14. I dont think anyone knows those numbers outside the owners and devs anyways most likely
  15. im not sure how valid these numbers still are as the game is ever adjusting