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  1. Lil Bowwow

    someone sniped me huh
  2. Lil Bowwow

    Whats going on Dreamers, its yo boy bowwow. I want to take this moment to thank all the staff member, and the community for allowing me to be part of the staff team for 4 and half month. I had very good journey while at it, meeting new players, built a friendship and also got into making Youtube Video for the server. It has been very stressful past month for me, where i am in process on moving back to the state side, finding new home, and new unit that i will be working with. I wish and hope that i was a good helper to Gambling manager while i had the opportunity to. THIS ISNT A GOODBYE, I will continue to play the sever on Lil Bowwow, Iron bowwow and Bowwow JR (Rags to richest) and will continue to bring guides and video for you guys. I like to thank every single member of Dreamscape for letting me love the server and the community. Don't be a stranger and always feel free to PM me in-game for any questions etc. P.S. No begging for fr33 st0ff -Bowwow
  3. Lil Bowwow

    Ohhhhh congratulations! My friend you are very lucky, i know many players who goes 10k + dry
  4. Lil Bowwow

    WELCOME TO DREAMSCAPE! Hopefully you are enjoyning this amazing servers man! If you ever need any help or questions about the server feel free to join "help" CC or PM any staff which are very friendly and give you the stepping stones!
  5. Lil Bowwow

    Good suggestion mate, but what type of items, cosmetic you personally want to see in that zone? Mabey we can look into revamping it with better details mate
  6. Lil Bowwow

    That a very odd problem, we will look into the issues! thanks for the heads up buddy!
  7. Lil Bowwow

    Welcome back to the server man! Teach me the way to become rich on the server
  8. Lil Bowwow

    Best way is to just level up your range, or combat stats, farm enough money to buy soulflare or any magic items that boost your magic level. You can probably get enough to buy Soulflare in few days if youre lucky and smart with what your selling in ::market
  9. Lil Bowwow

    The best way to make money in DREAMSCAPE are the followings : 1- Farm for clue scrolls at ::mbox and sell the items you get from clue scrolls. 2- Sell all the souls that you get from any bosses, to what ever you can get from the POS (Player owned shop) ::market 3-Theiving at Home 4-MOST BIGGEST, Attend all the events that Dreamscape hosts, we host atleast 1-3 Events a day! Good luck my friend, if you ever need help, pm Lil bowwow or Bowwow:)
  10. Lil Bowwow

    Well detailed idea man! im sure it took you whiel to think of this ideas! Would be awesome to have this feature in Dreamscape /Vouch
  11. Lil Bowwow

    This is a great idea :), but, what type of stats and speciality will this (i) Avery will receive? For example, khione using charged crystal gives Eternal khione to have unlimited amount of chance of procs. Would like to hear further suggestions on this items!
  12. Lil Bowwow

    Hey buddy, i get where your coming from. Not everyone who starts out this game can afford soul flare or any mage weapons that boost their magic level. I think it might be good idea to have a starter mage kit, in starter where you can train magic without using any type of runes eh I will have to /VOUCH on the suggestion.
  13. Lil Bowwow

    Reason these items are here for many purpose, those who want to donate towards custom items can purchase these, and not only that new players can buy these to get the stepping stone. Its not always that players are able to sell donations to other players. Just keep that in mind K3
  14. Lil Bowwow

    Hey bud, good suggestion, but make sure you put this on the right thread, which is on suggestion section.
  15. Lil Bowwow

    Whats going on dreamers, this is how you make bank under 10 min boys! Hopefully you guys enjoy this video!