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  1. ill buy one. I got gud offer for u.
  2. happy birthday.
  3. IGN: firered835 Discord name Jesse (firered835) or GrandMaster Boobies I WANT IN
  4. hopefully you get something good from the keys
  5. What a tease.
  6. I have seen you on a lot of the time at night, and are constantly in the discord talking with the community. I feel that you have potential as a trusted host. Vouch
  7. makes it easier for people who dont take the time to read anything when they first get into dicezone, and so we can show them this when they don't trust us. Trust me, it's happened.
  8. Next time you apply make sure you read ALL of the requirements. What you are doing now by posting a single screenshot makes you look unprofessional because it makes us think that you quickly got on and made the screenshot without even looking at what you needed first.
  9. Make sure that you read the rules and requirements before making an application. NO VOUCH
  10. We could have a board added at the very most north of dicezone. And this is a very special board, this board takes bets. Say one person wants to gamble 1q and they cant find anyone. That person can put an add up on the board and everyone who comes on and sees this person wanting to bet 1q on the board can pm him and say, "Oh hey, wanna fp me 1q?". Which would reduce a lot of clutter and spam when there is a lot of people in the dicezone at once.
  11. On top of what everyone else has said I feel like I dont see you around too often making many contributions and helping out around dicezone, plus I rarely ever see you on discord. You should try to work on these things, and make sure you have all the requirements fulfilled in the future. So for now No Vouch from me.
  12. good luck on not getting cleaned at dicezone, it happens to everyone.
  13. congrats mark
  14. Congrats rikki
  15. Vouch