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  1. Nice idea bro My number guess is.. 2.
  2. Hmm the looks of the cape could be a normal skillcape mixed with a max cape that reads ''maxed'' or something along those lines on the back of the cape. Just throwing an idea out there :P Should it have stats? Not necessarily, maybe a small extra prayer bonus. Boosts? I can't think of any boosts the cape can have but if someone comes up with a boost that still benefit us at the end game stage then it would be a cool addition definitely. What I personally would like to see is a custom emote we have like the completionist cape in the game now! Where your character switches from boss to boss, something like that. Cool to see my idea getting support!
  3. Hey readers I've been thinking about how there's no cape for accomplishing the max level in all the skills or for getting the maximum amount of xp in all the skills. I figured this would be a cool little addition to the game for people to work to. Wether the cape should have an emote or not is up for debate :P
  4. The CC text on full screen mode is unreadable, please make it so we can change the colour of the CC, yell, public and private chat. This isn't my first time suggesting this but this shouldn't be too big of a change to implement and long overdue if you ask me