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  1. Really sad to see you leaving @Phoenix Don't lose contact with me bb! Take care and goodluck in the future. Kind regards, ~Doubt.
  2. I aint feelin em, o_O

  3. @Feeds

    love you

    1. Feeds


      Feeds' love ya too bro k3

  4. NOICE welcome to the club.
  5. i wonder what this Friday will bring.. o-O

  6. Welcome to forum noobie, hf. ~Doubt
  7. Farewell maximum, sad to see you go. Goodluck in tue future, ily ~Doubt.
  8. Ownercape / OwnercapeTwo zone suggestion. First off, I would like to say that we who has donated for the ownercape has advantage of killing things In 1 hit. Sure, But what use Is that If we can't 1 hit Magegray /Phoenix? I would like to remove the Phoenix/Magegray away from ownercape zone's and add new npcs there or more chaos/shadows, since not all of us have custom weapons. first pic: Here's two chaos elemental npcs, that we are able to kill at ::ownercape. Second pic: Here's not any chaos elemental npcs, and we're at ::ownercapetwo. Third pic: Heres another two chaos elemental npcs with 2 shadow npcs. Fourth pic: No chaos elemtanls but only 2 shadows npcs at ::ownercapetwo. Fifth pic: We can't kill magegray/phoenix even tho it's 2 phoenix & 6 magegray added into both ::ownercape and ::ownercapetwo, And they take up alot of space? Shadow kings Hp Is around 10k, here's a picture: Chaos elemental Hp Is around 12k, Heres a picture: Magegray Hp Is around 10k, Here's a picture: Phoenix Hp Is around 4k, Here's a picture: Either remove these npc's or make a new room for people with customs to go to? It's a rare sight to see someone go with normal gear just to camp magegray at ownercape zone since everyone Is camping chaos/shadows for the money grind, And they do take up alot of space. And add more chaos to ::ownercapetwo, since there alot of people who have bought the ownercape and It getts more people everyday! ''Fix ::Ownercapetwo zone'' Kind regards, Doubt. P.S I tried to explain It the best I could, Even tho English Isn't my first language.
  9. I LOVE THIS UPDATE, you guys are the best! ~Doubt.
  10. I will miss you and I'll cant wait till to see you again my dear UZI ~Doubt.
  11. There is a cc ''help'' If you need help tho? ~Doubt
  12. vet rank achieved! #HappyDoubt.

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      Aye! Congratz I'm a meme :D

  13. Forum Username: DoubtRank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: Joined 16th february 2015Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  14. As Maxi said, the staff team are extremely busy when there are alot of people on. Aswell with the hosting, since the eco Is so big on here It's really is difficult to find someone to host a 70b. I'm sorry to hear that your experience on here wasn't good and good luck in your future. ~Doubt.