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  1. 1.9+10= 21 2.9+10= 21 3.9+10= 21 4.9+10= 21 5.9+10= 21 6.9+10= 21
  2. AYYYY! Welcome back once again Brownie! ~Doubt
  3. Welcome back my friend, glad ur back! ~Doubt
  4. fart farts fartsssss

  5. Few of these updates are so unnecessarily, I don't understand...
  6. leaving ds, take care everyone.

  7. Too much Is going on IRL, so I'll be leaving DS. Take care.
  8. I like how you boss over him overall,great video and edit the video however you like it. Kind regards, Doubt.
  9. I will have to say NEUTRAL on this one tho, Would like to see some payouts even If ur trusted + If ur not a rank in Dice CC ur not allowed to mm some pots as I've heard. If I can see that rank & some pay-outs, I'll give my vouch. Kind regards, Doubt.