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  1. Sick updates as usual ! Keep up the good work staff ! :D
  2. @Road 2 Swag Congratulations ! @Ethereum we're both 2nd in my eyes Gz my man :D
  3. I won't vote myself... as that would influence the come-outs... But I think we all know who will win... (Not saying it's me xD)
  4. Let's put Vader in it ! that way I can defeat my sworn enemy ! Revenge is mine ! But we need more information indeed about Hp, drops, attack style, etc. I follow Zodiac in this opinion, but it would be nice to see a new boss. Perhaps Little Vader could fit in ;;train ? And he drops the low priced Lightsabers? And Lord Vader in a new zone? ;;galaxy -> He drops medium lightsabers, but I wouldn't let them drop the newest published lightsabers.
  5. I am interested what the community is thinking about this... I must say I am a fan, especially because it's on Discord But I'm going to stay neutral for now. If community approves, so do I ! Ps: Do you already have an idea for prizes (estimated wealth 10-20T / 50T-100T / ... )
  6. Big Vouch from me! As Zodiac said, it could be very useful! We could do for the beginners drop rate at ;;mbox / ,,starterboss or even ,,train to get the Pikachu - Thugbob pet! For medium players Icy Skeleton- Sea Troll Queen and perhaps Phoenix? For hard-elite players I wouldn't do too many bosses as that could crash the eco... Shadow King-Magegray-Bork and Chaos ele have good drops so I wouldnt do the double drop there. At raids we could do 'next 20 kills have increased droprate? This would lower the chance for beginning players as mostly GMG'ers and Ele Katana's would show up to get that chance... But its a start! Again, Big Vouch! Great idea
  7. Well, it is a way to finally have a use for the bong... Many people are still asking "What does it do?" Now we can say its for the weed stash :p Vouch
  8. As the others have said, if you need help with anything, you can pm me :p Staff is also always available ! Enjoy the DreamScape grind !!
  9. Omg ! I didn't expect this 1 ! Congrats to all of you guys ! Staff is doing a hell of a job ! Keep up the good work. I speak for the most of the community if I say that Dreamscape is a place to find peace, to find a way to express the feelings (Ofcourse if you get cleaned at dicezone, you want to quit, but heck :p ) Big thumbs up to all of you ! Most Respected Non-Staff Member @YOda Is here
  10. Damn ! looking forward to the voting and falling star ! :D Boxes look nice too ! Lets get this on the go !
  11. So, considering I'm pretty much bored, let me do an Ironman goals for the near / far future :p

  12. Big vouch for this! Could be very useful to speed things up a bit! Especially in POS as you said
  13. Granted ! But new Zealand was struck by a tsunami, so it became new 'Sealand' I wish I had a a Jupiler beer everyday
  14. I'm 1.2k down but still not 1 drop :p obly drops I get are Royal sicles from Torquat xD
  15. @BevilM for President! @Feeds for first lady! @jasonnvp for minister