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  1. Damn killing it! Impressive job Gabor, keep it up!
  2. Not quit or given up, still on the 120 grind for slayer! Prestige 3 made it a lil slow
  3. Damn impressive stuff Gabor! Hope your lamp grind is going strong! 12K is a lot!
  4. 700 more?! Man! That's some serious spinning haha
  5. Awesome work ! Look forward to getting these new items! Will wiki be updated with new vote rewards?
  6. Haha got a bit to go before 120, but that's the curren goal to complete all skills. Then I guess next goal is all 130s. Thanks man! Yeah there's more than PvM & Gambling on our custom server. High scores create motivation to climb! Just wish skilling had profitable outcomes outside of 2 skills. Thanks for the support hope to see you follow my progress!
  7. Thanks so much ! Edited; Goals completed updated, Rank 4 now guys! 120 Slayer left for all stats 120+!
  8. 120 Crafting Done! 120 Wood Cutting Done! 120 Construction Done!
  9. Alrighty I will make sure to do that in future, thanks Maybe, I just got my donor ticket today so the hunt for complete 120+ skills is on the cards now. Maybe all 130s, then see how I am !
  10. Looks like some crazy good rewards! Hope to be there, congrats again on 150 slayer!
  11. Awesome work man. Talked earlier with you, you pushed hard for that one congrats.
  12. Man congratulations! That's a mighty lot of kills, much deserved drop. Look forward to see your results camping it out to complete your sets.
  13. 99 Slayer Prestige 3 Baseelinee Done! Onwards to 130 Hunter, Currently 97 Slayer Prestige 1 on Baseeline(HC Account) Also got my first Ele drop at 886 KC! Elemental Platebody Edit 1: Boom! 130 Hunter! The grind continues! Fletching next I think! Edit 2: Hardcore Account Prestige 2! Edit 3: 130 Fletching Done! Gotta get my donor ticket then knock-out 120 Construction, Wood Cut & Crafting! Gogo Rank#1
  14. Request Super Donator
  15. 130 smithing achieved! Working on fletching/Hunter grind now. Any magic log donations appreciated! Firemaking + Fletching take a bit