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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, ill fix the post asap when i get done with my exams. I would highly appreciate if you took the time to do it, whenever you can.
  2. I would appreciate it alot!
  3. Heyo! Now that i'm sure of starting a youtube channel i'm in the need of some channel art! Banner Main Text: Arachnia Sub text: RSPS Font(s): Size: Im not sure of the sizes, but a youtube banner & a youtube logo Render: - Background: If possible, add an picture of a older version of Dante from devil may cry (DMC3/4, not from the newest one), and make the background a bit of an devilish city. On the left side of the Main Text would have a DS logo (Just DS on a fitting font, free hands for you) and on the rightside a Twitter logo with twitter written under it. Style: Free hands for you Other information: - Logo Something that includes the new Pennywise from IT. Free hands for you once again. I am willing to pay you with ingame money if you wish so, but my bank isnt that huge so around 100t is the max i can pay. Thank you in advance
  4. Ill check both Camtasia & OBS out, appreciate the help, no worries on the gfx side, ill figure something out! :D
  5. Hey yall! I have been wondering for a little while of starting a youtube channel to upload random montage videos of my journey on dreamscape, from progress videos to road to max etc. And now I need a bit of help. If there is anyone who is good at making youtube banners / logos, I would 100% appreciate if you took the time to make me one's. Sadly i am not that rich on dreamscape but i can pay you somewhat of an amount for your services! Second of all, if anyone has good recording softwares to recommend (I heard camtasia is frequently used?) feel free to do so! Appreciate the help already
  6. Username: Arachnia Rank In-game: Super Donor Proof (screenshot):