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  1. Iv Been thinking and I think that you should be able to spectate the Black Jack Table so you could watch some big pots or generally watch your friends. I Think this would help some players understand Blackjack in DreamScape and generally have something to do when they talking to there friends Ruby3793
  2. So much hype i cant wait to record this :D
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  4. First video on Dreamscape Hope you Enjoy I know wasn't grate but I will improve and I hope you guys leave your comments on what I should do for a video and to improve
  5. Ign : Ruby3793 Bank Status around 800t I wish to apply for a loan I want get a load of Collectors Necklace I would like pay 200t upfront then pay rest of within a month's payment Many Thanks Ruby3793
  6. So have you ever wondered why you only get 10,000 xp from a lamp for the skill agility? I personally think you should get 100,000 for agility as its not a hard skill to do expressly when you can get much more xp by doing The Agility course. This Post is just for the people that want a boost in the lamps and don't want to train the skill to 150. Ruby3793
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  8. I would love to see this a mechanize in game so it would make more players push to the top spots in highscores plus it would look nice in general.