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  1. Another great update! Very jealous of those sweet customs, gz to all <3 Really loving the wheel :D Although I got a couple of items from the collection chest and they went into my bank as noted which looks rather odd haha. Thanks for all your hard work! Drax
  2. Congratulations Ownerscape! a very well deserved new rank. I am extremely excited to see all that you have planned for the future Good luck, Drax <3
  3. Great bank video! Interesting to hear about how price have changed. Best of luck to you and your rebuild homie. Good luck Drax
  4. Great to see an active goals thread with skilling goals. You are well on your way to achieving them too! Very inspiring. Good Luck with your continued success Drax
  5. Welcome to the dreamscape gang! I am sure you will enjoy this amazing custom server and all the unique content. As said above, if you need any help feel free to pm me or the staff. Good luck! Drax
  6. Gzz! I know how hard you have been working on this. Huge achievement!
  7. I know that a dice zone revamp has already been confirmed as being on the trello list. But I like the idea of separate rooms for separate games. The Dicing community has outgrown the current room and more space or separate rooms would definitely improve things. Drax
  8. Sounds like it is going to be a great event with some very nice rewards! Get Hype!
  9. Hey Mr Candy. There is a tradable version of the Owners Cape, it is called a prod cape and has the same stats (and restrictions) as the owner cape. It currently trades in game for about 35q I believe. I believe you can also pay a fee to have your owners cape converted into a prod cape (although you might want to confirm this). Hope thats helpful, Drax
  10. Congratulations all... Well deserved recognition to some great players. #DSGang
  11. Another great edition of the Dreamers Monthly! Thanks to all involved :D
  12. Awesome event! get Hype!!! Really looking forward to seeing this :D Extra points for pumpkin pictures haha XD
  13. Username: Hc DraxRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot):
  14. I do not believe that drop rates need to change. It may have negative effects on the Eco and would remove some of the fun of PvM. I am currently 10k+ Magegray kc since last SF drop and it gets hella frustrating, but its a grind. For me the fun is when/if I will get a drop and the shared frustration, it wouldn't be half as good if the drops were easier to obtain as it would remove the feeling of achievement when you do get a drop. PvM is also a stable money maker if you decide to sell the keys/souls and this allows for a steady income regardless of the drops you receive. The soul chest could use a buff and there are lots of horror stories about it. Maybe not boosting the drop rate of the ultra rare items but replacing the junk with some better loot. Reducing 100 keys to 80 barrows pieces and a tonne of untradable items is not fun.
  15. Great sale! thanks for this... It made getting my hands on an OC donation a lot easier :D Awesome to see so many people taking advantage of these offers and continuing to support the server. #DSGang