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  1. DRAX

    Following the success of Chuck's HUGE Gambling tournament, we will be doing a new DICE DUEL TOURNAMENT! To participate in this events, you will need to be DONATOR RANK + which means, if you are non-donator, you CANNOT participate in this event. If you happen to be interested in participating, leave your IGN below with your timezone, which will allow me to make a ladder table. This event will be held on 22nd June, 2018. 5:00 P.M ( 17:00 ) EST time. Another one for GMT will be held on 22nd June, 2018. 5:00 P.M ( 17:00 ) GMT+1 timezone. REWARDS 3rd Place 5Q + Soulflare 2nd Place 7.5Q + Soulflare (u) 1st Place 10Q + Oblivion Scythe Rules are very simple, One account per player are allowed to participate in this event. No complaning after a lose, foul language, lets show some sportsmanship! If fail to follow these rules, you will be disqualified from the event. THE GAME PLAY DICE DUEL Two players will challenge eachother for FT3 (First to 3). Winner will climb up the ladder to 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes! Good luck all and hope to see you guy's register for this event!
  2. 69n

    Happy Birthday DRAX!

  3. Well of Goodwill Event Winners Today marks the end of our Well of goodwill event and the one month anniversary since the implementation of the well. The well has been an amazing piece of content and over the last month over 714 Quadrillion in Cash Has been taken out of the eco! Without further ado lets celebrate our winners! Madman1555 - 365.6Q Lil Bowwow - 308.8Q Judge - 17.4Q
  4. DRAX

    @BodhiAMAZING!! hahaha XD Getting hyped!! Did someone say Prod Cape giveaway?!? Drax
  5. DRAX

    Evan... my young padowan! Sad to see you leave the staff team but hyped for you moving on to conquer some other things! You are a total boss and I know that you will harness that inner power you have to crush it and make huge gains in your life. This guy is one to watch for sure! Hit me up if you need anything! Drax
  6. DRAX

    Sad to see you leave the staff team but really glad to see you playing again and making use of your sexy customs hahaha :D Let me know if you need anything fam Homies until the end! Drax
  7. DRAX

    Drax's Birthday Event

  8. DRAX

    Staff Changes In order to improve the way in which the server is managed and to bring the most benefits to the players and stability to the server, Chuck will be taking on the responsibilities of Gambling Manager as well as retaking his old role of Staff Manager. Please contact him regarding any gambling or staff related issues. The best way to contact him is through discord.
  9. DRAX

    Guys... If you want the auto-win... At least play by the rules... SMH
  10. DRAX

    Yo guys... this is taking so long... why can't someone win already. To speed this up... I have added an auto-win rule. Good luck!
  11. DRAX

    OH MY GOD!!! IT'S DRAX'S BIRTHDAY!!! OH WAIT... who gives a fat f@$k hahahahaha I don't really celebrate birthdays, but any excuse to have massive events and giveaways on Dreamscape sounds like fun to me! Save the date! 20th June 2018 Live Stream Competition I'm going to be doing events all day, including a 2 hour stream where I will be giving away more then I ever have (past giveaways include: GMG, MG and 10q Cash) In Game Competitions There will also be in game events, type challenges and more!! Meme Competition Starting today you can enter Drax's Meme competition! Simply make a Drax related meme and post it as a reply to this thread to be eligible to win. I will chose the ones that either make laugh or cry the most. Winner gets 1 quad cash, runner up prizes of 250t are available too! #TeamDrax Competition Also anyone who messages Jordan on the 20th June with the message 'You suck! #TeamDrax' Then messages me with a screenshot to Drax#1111 on discord wins a goodie bag pick!
  12. DRAX

  13. DRAX

    tf bella.... #TeamDrax