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  1. Another dope bit of content! Keep em coming Diddy. Glad to see that adding dubby favourite to the wheel was a good idea llmfao. Drax
  2. Holy dang! Thanks for all the responses! Super excited now! I am getting the general idea... lots of gals. I am staying 10 minutes away from the central station if ya wanna meet up. Any more suggestions will be very much appreciated :D Drax
  3. Hey Dreamers, I'm going to Amsterdam next week for a working week in a different locale. I want to have the best time and I need your help! Get me some recommendations of things I should see, eat and smoke. I want the authentic Hurdy Gurdy stoner experience. Current wish list: Eat: 1. Cheese... lots of cheese 2. Poffertjes (the ultimate munchies) 3. Patatje Oorlog 4. Febo (because who doesn't like the taste of regret at midnight) 5. Broodje haring (lol jk I aint a masocist) Smoke: 1. O.G. Kush 2. Super silver haze 3. White Widow 4. Amnesia Haze 5. Ak 47 (golden ak gratatata) See: 1. The electric ladyland 2. De wallen (you know...) 3. Vrolik Museum Also if there are any Dreamers that aren't axe murderers from Amsterdam that wanna meet up for a smoke, let me know, I'm buying hahaha Drax
  4. Please request a pin reset at: https://dreamscape317.freshdesk.com/support/home use this format: When submitting a ticket please make sure to fill in the format below. How to create a ticket. Step 1. Copy the format below step 2. Click on "New support ticket" step 3. Paste the format into the area called "description" Issue ( include name ) : Please follow the following steps : 1. Make a new account In-Game and finish the tutorial. 2. New account name : 2.1 Account name that wants to be recovered : 3. IP Address: 4. MAC Address: 5. Paypal Order ID (Donator only): 6. unique things about your account: ------- To find your ip & or mac login to the server and type, ::whatismyip ::whatismymac
  5. Roulette Tax We are always conscious about the risks when implementing new content that has the potential to pump money into the eco. We take the stability of the economy very seriously and are constantly looking to find ways to improve the economy for new players and veterans alike. When we implemented the Roulette table we installed a taxation on winnings to prevent mass cash flow into the economy. After hundreads of thousands (no exaggeration) of simulations we found 20% would be a number that would both balance cash flow and still allow players to win big! After some trial in game we have decided to LOWER the roulette tax by 5%! Roulette Tax is now: 15% This is a big deal! You can now win even more money from the roulette table! We realise that this may increase the amount of cash that players can win however, we will be keeping a close eye on the cash flow to ensure that there is not too much inflation. We think this is a really positive improvement to gambling and wish you the very best of luck at dice zone! Drax
  6. Dope video :D Shame about the drops though The grind is real! Drax
  7. Awesome video! Gzz on beating that ole potato man! Keep it up nick, you are bossing these videos bro Can't wait to see some more content. Drax
  8. Really sad to see you take a break :( Let me know if I can do anything. Pm me on discord any time of day or night! Drax
  9. Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape! Looking forward to seeing you in game fam! Let me know if you need anything! My pm's are always turned on! or message me on discord Drax#1111 Drax
  10. Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape! Looking forward to seeing you in game fam! Nice to see you enjoy working on cars! checkout ::drive if you are a super donator+ for that shirt of in a lambo feel XD Let me know if you need anything! My pm's are always turned on! or message me on discord Drax#1111 Drax
  11. Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape! Looking forward to seeing you in game fam! Let me know if you need anything! My pm's are always turned on! or message me on discord Drax#1111 Drax
  12. Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape! Looking forward to meeting you in game! Let me know if you need anything! Drax
  13. Hello! Welcome to Dreamscape! Have seen you a bit in game and looking forward to seeing more! Let me know if you need anything! Drax
  14. Today's update sees a much anticipated revamp of the slayer skill as well as a new zone for our most executive members, The golden scratch card to make B0nk and an overhaul of some bugs as well as our usual healthy measure of juicy Custom Items! Revamped Slayer We listened to you and overhauled slayer! Now with new elite boss tasks available for those with 120 slayer + and prestige level 3 Including: -Voldemort -Vendura -Oblivion Dragon -Diablo -Raiden -Corp -Necromancer -Invictus warriors A buffed point system! Prestige 1 = 20 points per task Prestige 2 = 25 points per task Prestige 3 = 30 points per task 3 Completely revamped stores for Slayer Points Including new range gloves As well as some of the best capes in game (perfect for raids) Seers Cape Archers Cape Berserker Cape Magic Range Melee Executive Zone We have added a new zone for players with the executive cape to unleash their Wrath! With all the end game bosses you could want! A new point system (1 kill in executive zone = 1 executive point) These points can be used in the Executive store And a new daily reward for executive cape holders to claim every 24 hours! (requires 100 kills in Executive Zone per 24 hours to claim) As well as the new executive zone, Players who have donated for the executive cape can claim the title 'Executive' free of charge! We've Buffed the Shop at ::ownercape zone! You will now be able to get more bang for your buck with your sponsor points! Golden Scratch Cards! A new way of making bank! Match 3 cash stacks to win that amount! 1t - 5q! If you don't match them you can still win with the guaranteed prize! 3 New Armour sets Only one can donate - Tradable - Insane stats (great for raids) The Eclipse Set (mage) The Darklore Jester Set (range) The Crusader Set (melee) New perks for Community Positions! Titles for Wiki Editors and News Team Members Trusted Host Set for Trusted Hosts of the month Gumby Pet Has been buffed! It now has an additional 15% Magic Attack Bonus! As well as 15% drop rate and 5% defence boost Quadron Box + now gives emperor boxes (1 box per 3 boxes donated for) Khione's Set (Custom Donation) i Static Gloves (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Bevilm's Icon (Custom Donation) Cranberry's Barreta's (Custom Donation) Galaxy Illusion Set (Custom Donation) Seers Cape (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Archers Cape (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Berserker Cape (Reward from Revamped slayer shop) Bowwow's Crystal Ice Wings (Custom Donation) - Fixed Raid 5 (raiden) drops - Fixed the Yellow Santa bug -Increased the speed of the Castle Katana (drop from Raid 2 - Vendura) -We've fixed some graphical glitches on American Virtus (u) - Cutting trees at extreme zone now gives extreme points -Bloody Santa can now be sold at ::market - Shops now have a buy 5 option instead of buy 2 - We've overhauled a number of bugged items that show the wrong item