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  1. Bodhi

    Hey Jkftw1234, Make a ticket in support give them about 48 hours or so to reply, they will get that fixed. And Stuart has a detailed guide/how to make the support ticket by following link; Goodluck on the appeal!
  2. Bodhi

    Best video ever!
  3. Bodhi

    Here we are!
  4. Bodhi

    Oi, that's very near dude! Let's throw the hype up! Happy early birthday fam. #TEAMDRAX O, before I leave, I have a gift for you, a meme @DRAX
  5. Bodhi

    Agreed! Totally, the rarity and price are insane for their bonuses/stats. They should be revamped/buffed.
  6. Bodhi

    This is a good idea! Honestly, I have better idea here, actually two. It has to be limited though, not anyone is going grab 10k clues and then do them. I was thinking maybe about this, Regular player/Hardcore; 10 Clues of each kind. Iron man; 15 Clues of each kind. Regular donator; 15 Clues of each kind. Super donator; 20 Clues of each kind. Extreme donator; 30 Clues of each kind. Sponsor; 40 Clues of each kind. Executive; 50 Clues of each kind. Or depending how many clues you've completed to increase the limit like, the "tier/upgrades" of completion ability to hold more clues could be Complete; -5 Easy clues -5 Medium clues -5 Hard clues -5 Dream clues If completed any of them these clues tiers, the limit would increase by 2. And the requirement will be repeated and increased etc etc And the basic limit would be 5 clues of each kind. Example: You've completed; -17 Easy clues -5 Medium clues -3 Hard clues -1 Dream clue This means, you can hold -11 Easy clues(6 from the upgrading the tier) -7 Medium clues(2 from the upgrading the tier) -5 Hard clues -5 Dream clues This could be upgraded at an npc, and we can add maybe like chances, 50% to succeed upgrading or not.
  7. Bodhi

    No support, This is similar to the game "Roulette" like others has said, just quicker games. However it's a nice idea of using the punch machine. But I'm more open for other ideas about this, more like a luck based of "dicebag" however that'd be same as Dice duel. If another idea(s) has made about this "punch machine" I'm open to read and possibly react.
  8. Bodhi

    This might be sort of hard, due one ingame items. But if possible not to ruin other 1 item owners then that'd be nice idea. vouch for the fashionscape"shop" but also for @ChilladinYT's idea.
  9. Bodhi

    Vouch, if market prices were 100% stable or atleast more stable than we currently have. It might be very easy to add the prices value/total calc on bank but the problem will be the stability of the prices. Vouch if this is possible to add.
  10. Bodhi

    What am I supposed to do with this; Kinda useless (low)keys/souls. I'd vouch for a revamp&or even adding other soul chest system with chances for something else.
  11. Bodhi

    If we would add veteran rank ingame like the reqs we have here on forums, then it's a hella no go due more than 200 players has the veteran rank. The rank self is not special anymore. However, if we're going to add it, I'd make high reqs like legends has. Maybe only "legends" can claim the veteran rank ingame? But Vouch for sure. I'm open for a change
  12. Bodhi

    Damn this aint fortnite or pubg Anyway sounds totally interesting, however what would the loot be? What are we looking at? Ice katana etc meant for starters or more mid game items? Vouch for sure!
  13. Bodhi

    Indeed, has been suggested before but I'll vouch again for sure!
  14. Bodhi

    Did you mean with "tree" something like this; If you do, maybe could you make a example, or different "classes" Also there should be limits, like slayer prestige has. Max 250 Hit every second. I was thinking of you have to buy Skill/level points to level/upgrade in the tree thing and it wouldn't cost only the cash but maybe level requirement/exp? So example,(just random idea)