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  1. Wow, actually suprised the useage of the colors with Julia Micheals O_o. Looks incredibly sick! Goodjob man I'd vouch for this guy for future services.
  2. About that, we could add perms system of max amount of 5 flowerpokers a day as being Superdonator, and as sponsor unlimit etc etc.
  3. There's numberous attempts to revive cc "Market" "Market cc" since nearly the release. Players prefer using Yell&pm's, and very often cc help(not allowed though). However there's PoS now but kinda messy&confusing, PoS can use a revamp into graphics related. I'd say goodluck with revive the clanchat. Forums>Market or Discord>Market is still more effective than cc market for past years. goodluck&support if another attempt is going to happen.
  4. Meow

    1. Hc Snaup

      Hc Snaup

      Wat heeft dit te betekenen?

    2. Bodhi


      Dat meow ik meow veel meow van meow je meow hou.

  5. Interesting update, this update got me back into Dreamscape this time. Who knows how long this small journey takes :P Keep it up dev's, thank you for releasing the update and the hard work.
  6. Listening to Zedd "Find You" Acoustic - Live in LA (featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant) Can't resist Miriam Bryant's sexy voice <3 Just wanted to share :p
  7. That sounds like Online soccer manager(OSM) haha. I'd love to see that O_o I'd throw my junks into though. However the items should to other place like another chest where others can keep gambling till it's empty or a choice to choose how many items of it against the same. Example; Jack has on board 2 Soulflares and 5 miniguns and selected the option the opponent can choose how many soulflares he wants to do or miniguns. Sarah goes to the board and sees Jack having2 Soulflares and 5 miniguns in his stock to gamble away for same items or amount of cash(or even other items if Jack added the list of items he wants against his items). Sarah selects 1 Soulflare and 2 miniguns against 1 soulflare and 2 miniguns. If Sarah wins she can do it again till Jack's stock is empty or however if Jack wins the items goes to a certain Chest(like a pos?) but Sarah can keep going till the stock is empty or getting herself cleaned. Sorry for long text probably confusing, I can write it out once I'm home. Back to the suggestion, Read Ethereum, and my part. Something like that or did you have something else in your mind? I'm on support
  8. Honestly I've seen only poker with cards on phone games. I actually don't understand how it works even though it'd be interesting to learn poker and watch others winning banks. But I have to agree with Ethereum, We'd like to know little bit more about the suggestion. Min bets, items or cash? etc etc. Neutral till more details are added then i'd reconsider to change my mind about it.
  9. Welcome to the Community/Dreamscape. I've saw that you are already settled in with your GFX-Shop/showcase, and your first project for the community which looks nice! Looking forward to see more from you, and meet you ingame&forums/discord whenever you prefer Have fun.
  10. I can see where this is coming from, however it could be a custom donated item for somebody in Dreamscape might've quited and it's still on the bank. I could be totally wrong. If it's not custom donated item, I'd go for Support I don't see why not adding it into the game.
  11. Main Text: Bodhi Sub text: Font(s): Something looks beautiful and readable Size: Regular signature size :3 Render: Best as possible :3 Background: Chrissy costanza or Julia Micheals Style: Neon colors Other information: Be sexy :] I'd love to see more work but I guess I'll look forward to it
  12. Cats loc?! Where ru kittens. We gotta rule da world before @Potentials takes over with his ugly minions

  13. Holy crap, you actually did it! @Potentials our love is true now!!!! Lovely made @Chaos Within keep it up man.
  14. Ya'll scared him away. Sad