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  1. Showing this to our developers, I'll keep you posted.
  2. I am very happy to announce our new co-owner @Lt. Limes as i believe he'll be a great asset to our team. Most of our staff members already know about the appearance of Mr Lt Limes(AKA Chocolate Bear xD) but we believe it's time to introduce him into our community. As many of our support tickets users have seen we have a 110% support response than we previously had thanks to LT! He will also be assisting Staff/Community on improvements for the server! Be sure to message him on what you want to be improved on the server! Work along side of all our special donators to ensure they can be helped any further while enjoying our awesome server experience! Previously worked in Customer Service/Management in a Huge Company. Loves to play Runescape in his spare time he's an 5 yr+ player! Currently working on his Bachelors Degree & Information Systems Degree.
  3. @Chuck testing
  4. Upgraded the forums shoutbox disabled for now. 

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      Wow! Looks awesome! Thanks stu :3

  5. Welcome aboard! Nice to see you join Dreamscape!
  6. Great video, Try to include custom server in the title to!
  7. Someone got lucky huh! Nice loots
  8. Another round of great updates, Nice to see some game end security
  9. Bye

    To be honest short bye threads like these shouldn't be allowed. If you want a respected farewell respect us enough to give us a reason why you are leaving. Hopefully you'll return back with a more positive attitude.
  10. The audio quality was so low for the introduction try to be more energetic. Video music was decent enough. Great job on the wins
  11. Another amazing update! Great Work to Alex yet again!
  12. Another great update done by our amazing dev :D
  13. Looking forward to the new combat system! Going to be great
  14. Horrible video, I found it dull, Very basic. Add background music... Add some more enthusiasm into the video it felt like a robot was talking. Also effect in video. Good luck in your next video.
  15. This update is focused on patching community reported bugs so we can perform a huge change to dreamscape soon! I am very excited to announce this in next update! The Due Slayer Bug Cancelling Slayer has now been patched! After Chopping Tree's it wouldn't re-appear this has now been patched! An issue scrolling with Player Own Shops has now been patched! An issue containing our ban system has been fixed causing players to be getting error 23. Sell X Option has been added to player own shops! Agility Course bug with melee has been patched! Summon Spirit shards box bug with inventory has now been patched! Rune ore are now working in extreme zone! The clue scroll farming patch is now working! Minibosses can now attack back! NEX in ::ownercape zone now drops souls! Sea troll queen double soul drop glitch patched! New Lime Green Minigun ordered by Custom Donation if you want your own check out the thread