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  1. Stuart

    Moved to public.
  2. WHEN WILL THE SCROLLING STOP? Haha, Amazing updates guys. Looking forward to use the new client
  3. bumping to the top -- Edit Another great set of updates and finally enough space for gamblers to gamble! Also staff icons mad nice :3
  4. Stuart

    lol wut
  5. Add plzstu on snapchat! 

  6. Hello! We have applied some emergency updates to ensure the safety of Dreamscape. Not to worry here an easy 1 2 3 tutorial to ensure your on the latest client. Go to Download the WINDOWS LAUNCHER If you see 21.6 CLIENT VERSION simply delete the download and try again! Question: I am still seeing 21.6 after following step 3 many times? Answer: Easy, Delete your browser cache and re-try the download
  7. Snapchat --> plzstu :)

    1. MarkDS


      Fishy, hmhm

  8. Stuart

    Great introduction however this is far from P2W, It's called grinding to get what you want Anywho, Welcome aboard.
  9. Stuart

    What games do you RE? PS4, Switch?
  10. Wow, Thank you to our amazing developers for addressing core issues like the NPC spawning. Interesting to see we now have a custom animations on the flying copter! Dat deal board thou
  11. add me on snapchat stuplz

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      YOda Is here

      Oherwise I may have added an unknown person :p we'll see xD

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      Wonder if he has two accounts. One for some secret stuff and one for normal daily life stuff :P

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      Oooo secret stuff!!!

  12. Add plzstu on snapchat to get added!
  13. snapchat DS group? Add me plzstu