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  1. Username: no r n g Total In-Game Time: 17.6.45 Timezone: centeral Payouts (Screenshots): Bank (Screenshots): Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: i am an everyday player and very well known around the dice community i am a kind player and help out to those who need it, i beleive im also a good choice because the timezone i am in and how often i am in game. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: i would handle it in a very calm manor, try to figure out the issue first. than try to discuss a reasonable option to make the player/players happy about the situation. i would also ask other players within range if there were any of them recording to see if that could be used as proof. also wanna say thank you for your time in reading my app, i really hope to be considered for td and look forward to hearing back from you about it ~No r n g
  2. looking forwared to this event! awesome idea
  3. thanks for all the comments guys much appreciate the love around this community xoxo
  4. congrats to the winner and also the nominee! thanks for all the goodwork around ds keep it up
  5. love the good work nick! happy to see all the new gamblers around ds now keep up the goodwork
  6. nice bank masks love the post keep em coming with new updates please xoxo #1 ironman
  7. sexy crew homie. thanks for shoutout. id like to get a new pic of me when i dont look like a scrub thugh haha
  8. well there is a message that pops in general chat saying big pots that are won "no r n g won a 3000t bet in bj with 81"
  9. dang yo caught me on a bad day i look like a scrub with no moneys haha sexy picture though thanks for featuring me
  10. i wanna give a big shout out to mrdreams. very kind and generous player. hes helped me through some rough times in ds
  11. what if we had a afk zone for those that just want/need to afk for a bit.
  12. ingame name : No r n g rank buying : captin