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  1. Great content m8. always like to watch them...
  2. After reviewing your applications, and discussed in the team we have decided to decline for info on why please contact me on Discord /Declined
  3. Good start m8 looking forward to seeing more content from you. like we talked about on pm some improvement you could make. Commentary like @Road 2 Swag also mention, and the crop of the screen, its hard to see when you write text.
  4. A nice video looking forward to seeing more content from you keep going
  5. A great suggestion bow A team raid would be nice give the chance for more people to get together and have some teamwork to do to get the kill at the end Vouch
  6. i like the way you have thinking to use the old skills to make a new one. Maybe include mining and smithing get some new ores to make better gear/ weapon for the ironman. Vouch
  7. Its a great suggestion. for the part of the work to make it happen, make it stackable, and yes i may look weird but less work. Vouch
  8. What was once created in the year of 2015, the Dreamscape wiki management has made many great contributions towards dreamscape making it a popular platform for informative guides. I'm happy to see where it will lead. A new year and new management are around the corner. As of October 2017, @Mrdoctor. will be managing the wiki with precise roles for each individual and continue its enthusiasm. So, what is different in the years to come? In this year and onwards, we are introducing a reward system for wiki editors. The wiki management will reward all editors for completing projects. Editors who contribute to a plan and a schedule will be rewarded. We have noticed over a large scale of time, we feel we can give back to our editors who feel they have gone unappreciated. This is our desire for achievers! In the past, the wiki was directed in the way of looking for activity. We are taking a turn, and looking for reliability. Instead of adding random pages, we'll be coordinating by leading each other as a team in a specific area that is concentrated with one another. With a start date and a completion date. All projects will now be organized with a schedule. In an applicant we are looking for: Good grammar, 3 days play time, 2-week forum registration, 15 minimum post count on the forums, frequent interaction in discord. Over the use of our wiki, editors must become familiar with how to protect pages and how to use the source code. - Please read your entire application before posting - Copying past applications will be an instant decline - Don't reply to your application - If declined you may re-apply after two weeks. Ingame Username: Forum Username: How old are you? What is your current location? Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. Create a brief introduction about yourself. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? What is your best moment with Dreamscape? In this application, there is one grammar error. Pm it to @Mrdoctor. alongside posting the application. Example scenarios: If you had to take some time off from the wiki what would you do? If you noticed another editor was abusing their power what would you do? An accepted member of the wiki team will receive the following:½ - forums wiki editor rank - a discord wiki editor rank
  9. Damm nice update like the new raid boss so much, and nice new custom great work guyz keep up the great work
  10. A good suggestion and i would like to see some in ownercape zone, but maybe make the drop of a bit more rare if you would be able to one-hit them with ownercape Vouch
  11. Sweet thx m8
  12. i like the suggestion, but like etherum said to lower the price to 5t. Vouch
  13. Like this event gl to all. ING: irondoc
  14. Sorry to see you leave bro. wish you all the best irl take care bud
  15. Great event good luck to all that enter.