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  1. Thanks for your feedback @Blueoptic, I haven't seen you in game in a while. I am trying to get more active in the forums and the creation of helpful threads. My goal: Exceed the expectations of a regular helper =p Thanks for your advice, you DS Legend. Glad to see you still around.
  2. Awesome update! Keeping up the great work. Glad to be a part of this awesome #DSGANG!
  3. Sounds like an awesome event! Cant wait! =p
  4. Congrats @masks!! Well deserved =p We will all be there some day =)
  5. Great job! Gettin them Goals in =p
  6. I personally did Sea troll queen and Phoenix boss to get my first quad. I think those bosses are great!
  7. Welcome Back To DreamScape! Many new things have come and i suggest you look at the ::wiki when you log on =p
  8. Vouch , Slayer needs more to look forward to imo. The task system does need some sort of change. Resetting tasks is a big part of slayer.
  9. I agree with you @VGod, Castle wars does need some touch ups, It is such a great minigame! Vouch.
  10. Boots do need some lovin =p i Vouch for this one.
  11. I agree with Masks, More people would vote more often for a chance at some loot =p
  12. I Vouch, any agility update would be appreciated =p
  13. The drop rate of lamps is perfect right now, The hp of a Gio Ho boss is like 1300, the rate the ppl kill them, we get tons of lamps. Im sorry but No Vouch on this one.
  14. I like the idea, ppl need more information about maxing their skills. I dont believe there is anything that tells players what you get for maxing. Vouch
  15. I Vouch , I know many ppl that are making videos but cant get their stuff out there. Discord would be a great place to post links in a section for us players to watch =p