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  1. Ruby3793 Is my spirit animal.
  2. An aspiring youtuber, I love watching these beginners build their banks. Much support, great video.
  3. This video is no longer on youtube, thread should probably be closed or video re-uploaded.
  4. Nice vid man, and nice rolls!
  5. LOOL thats why you never gamble tyrant. This is such a lesson.
  6. Thanks for the video Ruby! I love your content! It's always awesome seeing an aspiring youtuber for DS.
  7. He is very active in dice zone, I mean forreal. He also has the payouts to show it. He has my support and I trust him to middleman for me anytime.
  8. I'm going to have to agree with Licky, your grammar is not up to snuff for something everyone needs to read. Perhaps with some more study of English spelling and grammar you could obtain this position.
  9. I definitely think that you could achieve this no problem madman, but you don't come on for days at a time now.. and its kinda hard for me to look at you afk for hours and see that you never log out. I know I used to do this in the past but since I have remedied it. I think at this time I have to remain neutral until you increase activity and stop having so much idle time.
  10. I definitely think you deserve the rank and position, you were always highly trusted in the past and I would disagree if anyone said you weren't worthy, I also vouch that he has held over 6q pots for me and paid out every time. Need some more activity, but other than that my dude, welcome back.
  11. I definitely think we need some more bosses, the variety's of bosses and the intricate stuff included with it has the capability to be incredible and draw a strong crowd, I love varietys of new bosses and loots!
  12. Could be a simple fix added to the game if time allowed, give then expansion architecture was all completed, maybe a goodie for an update.
  13. I agree that the drop rates are fine, could maybe use some small tweaks, however I think the soul room does definitely need that buff.
  14. Supreme vouch, holy cow I would love this!!!!! I want a custom really bad haha!
  15. This is actually a really cool idea and I support this, not super important and of course the main architecture for the new game implements should be worked on first, however a small goodie that could be thrown in on an update.