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  1. Over 10 hours. Bad part is that you can't log out when doing these achievments or else the whole progress resets. Btw, got a bit bored of lamps farming so opened a few of them.
  2. gogo :D
  3. Wikia had quite a few outdated stuff, improvement needed indeed. Thx for the work you put into this and hope your team will get big and dedicated.
  4. Not a 150, but took some time to get it.
  5. whats are those items next to the kangaroo?
  6. Yea would be nice to see SF, SFU, MG, GMG, Kangaroo, Glaive and maybe some other pulls broadcasted.
  7. Bought 700 spins yesterday. Had a few american pernix parts too, but those went to different tab.
  8. Nice. My best item was GMG, a couple of noct and gold chains, 2 gold kats, few ice kats and ice offs and around 20 invictus parts. From 200 spins.
  9. Grats! You were one of the most helpful people I met on the server since my start and I like to see things moving forward.
  10. Nice! Grats on 120 slayer! You're motivating me to do skilling.
  11. Going to keep it simple. First post updated.
  12. Hello everyone. I'm going to host an event to give away some of the loot from 99-150 slayer. Originally I planned to give all the items I got during that time, but that would take too long so it will be a bit more simple. The event will take place 8/10/2017 starting at 14:00 GMT+1. There will be 4 types of events: Hide and Seek, Guess the Number, anagram and one special. The possible loot contains items like armour sets, various pets, nice weapons. If you want to take part in the event, just be online when it's held. here are all the items that will be given away
  13. Gogo get it!
  14. In this post I'll show my in game milestones (at least the ones I have on screenshot). 150s Slayer max Farming max 150 thieving 150 construction Other