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  1. Congratz on rank buddy, Have fun and well wishes to you
  2. Personally the first is my favorite but they both look great : )
  3. So I started killing vorago today and I couldn't use dragon lord, chaotic claws, anger mace, and even torva. Why is this? Vorago is a dead boss many can say and it's even more of a dead boss now that we can't even use the top tier of pvp gear :(
  4. Good luck in real life man and stay safe!
  5. Aye man family first , be careful out there once you're deployed but see ya hyung! :3
  6. It would probably be good to announce drop rates. Reason is because if someone doesn't know the drop rate of an item they'll get bored and angry for not getting a drop anytime soon. If it was published they'd know "oh it will be awhile till I could get a drop" that's my take on it. Let them know what's coming before they start grinding.
  7. Great suggestion man, very detailed and would add content into game. Support
  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Reeeeeeeee
  9. Hey dream boys and girls of the scape. Today we shall be ranting about things that I think needs to be worked on or looked at. Here we go! Color of importance to me: White - IMPORTANT Light blue - important just not as important Yellow - Yeah would be nice FIX THE CHAT BOX - It is SOO annoying you can't switch tabs to see or read specific things. Always having to scroll up and up to see one thing. Please fix NPCS - Get rid of useless npcs - Reason: They do NOTHING in dreamscape getting rid of these npcs might lessen the lag Clues - Change the clue scroll drop, Some good things for new players but no real drive to do them. ADD IN UNIQUE THINGS FOR THE DROP TABLE. It was something cool when it came out but atm really dumb to even attempt to do. Bosses - Still recommend to change the drops on bosses that drop an item that another boss drops. Though it probably wont happen since it's never been bothered to be looked at. There are bosses which drop the exact same thing which I don't get why they do because only 1 thing should drop a certain type of item. Oblivion Dragon - Please add stats to Oblivion Armor, Devs said that it would get stats id like to say a month ago? It still hasn't got it's buffs yet. Spawns - Same thing goes for ::ownercapetwo, devs said it would get the monsters that its been missing but still hasn't been fixed. We have a rapidly growing sponsor community and it really does need to be a focus because they are spending almost half a grand on an rsps Slayer - Change the rewards from the slayer shop, should add things that will give benefits vs bosses and or npcs. Shouldn't be just random things thrown in. Add uniqueness such as slayer helmet does extra damage during slayer task or bonuses that you can buy for bossing. Right now slayer is such a BLEGH skill. SOF - Change squeal of fortune rewards to have some cool rewards in it, no use ingame so just delete if nothing is going to be done to it. Vorago revisit - Change it back to it's multi zone hill, change his drops besides the dream maul. Would really help people do him and maybe improve pvp chances. PVP SHOP - Needs a change, staff advertised the combat system as a NEW AGE for Dreamscape and pvp was suppose to improve but right now pvping isnt even worth it since you can buy all the items in the pvp shop for dirt cheap. Vote books - Make it give an option to add: Droprate - 3% for 3 hours Double xp for 3 hours Random Item - (No crappy dirt uselss item as a "Rare" drop) Prestige Shop - Very useless store besides the angelic deathcape. Please revisit everything about prestiging. (Can make a post about it if needed) ::pp teleport is still bugged I think Dicezone should get moved or a color change. Personally it just feels really plain with the current colors (Not a major thing but would make dicezone feel less Blegh) Change the loot from the donation boxes or rotate between which boxes can be bought during a month. I think it would improve the economy just a little bit. Would be nice to have a community manager, because events would keep the players happy. (don't just advertise like a donation manager. Not what a community manager is, leave to donation manager if there is one) Change the armor model or color of chaos torva. Looks exactly like Shadow Torva (u) Balance out the Torva gear so it isn't a huge price jump from set to set. Some very very useless torvas ingame that can even the gap is Blue torva and wolverine torva. I know that there is other torvas as well that arent ingame yet. I think devs should change ::market to the GE spot because it's more open. The current one feels really claustrophobic and I think it would be great if it was moved. Make 150 skillcapes, would be an influential thing to make people skill. ^ Completionist cape - obtain max stats "lvl 150" in all skills aloud. - Would gain access to a new ::completionzone - 1 Player minigames that would give points to exchange at shop - New emote - NPCS: = Completion cape giver = Completion Shop = Completion Point store Maybe should go back and look at some minigames besides CW. See if there is anything devs can do to revive them. Would like to see Third Age Mage fixed so it has its trim. That is what I have for now. I really do admire this game since i've been here for a long time and it has affected my life in those years. If Staff says Dreamscape is special please please listen to the players. Will make more posts when I come up with more ideas. Leave comments on thoughts and comment what you think is needed.
  10. Yeah there are a bunch of things to change to BG but remember it's still in beta stage. Agreed Some other things are: The pray altar restoring everything Donor fountain restoring everything Logout wins Having to suicide to not win the round etc
  11. Thank you both for the signatures ill pay both of you ingame for taking the time to complete my request
  12. Render - or Size - 600 x 300 Text - Bale Subtext - None Color - Just colors that match the png of choice Style - Doesn't really matter Payment - Talk ingame or pm on forums If you want further details then just pm me on here
  13. Hey everyone more suggestions. complaints, bugs whatever 1.The new update for combat all cool and stuff but say NEW pvp revolutionary yet the PK SHOP is very underwhelming and if it were to be revamped there could possibly be more pking. Replace what's in the store with: Fractite Armor - Melee (Better than wizzy) Roseblood Robes - (Best pvp mage gear) Spino Leather (Best range gear pvp) Pvp King Cape Dungeoneering weapons 2. Hopefully being worked on is the the spawns at ::ownercapetwo 3. Putting in noted items to the bank in a different tab that then original item glitches and you withdraw from the other tab rather than the current tab you're in. (can't make vid about it) 4. Please make new drops for clue scrolls. Add some treasure trails items SOMETHING ELSE to make them worthwhile like a new custom outfit that can only be obtainbale from Elite to Dream clues. rarity is like 1/3570 or something and then other items to revamp the drop table. Also maybe making new treasure trails clues to mix it up. 5. Would like to see a super donator zone revamp as well since there is two teleports and both are kinda useless to super donators. 6. Player owned houses would be nice, fixing up construction even though it may take awhile. 7. Making actual raid zones such as in OSRS where there are multiple sub bosses and requirements that you need to do to get to the final boss etc and good rewards at the end.
  14. Yeah, ownercape shouldn't be used there as it's a custom zone that requires certain requirements to get into and kill the boss as such the weapons but do what Floppy said to confirm.