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  1. Man i havent been much around lately due IRL shit but you mentioned me how sweet! GL with everything man hopefully we will duo magegrays soon!
  2. Wanted just to make a thread to see what people has their favorited song right now, anyways this is mine!
  3. I would set the price of oblivion scythe more cause people will go crazy once their see the new raid boss and that hes only magic/melee and oblivian scythe is the mininum requirement as a weapon in order to survive Raiden. to the right buyer you could get 2.8q+ for am boxing gloves.
  4. as you see the video had to be uploaded at ( 16th march ) as you can see, your video is uploaded 7th february.
  5. Keep the video's rolling fellas!!! Lets see more videos!!!
  6. True Drax! We did vote for new amulets but when you think about it there are no capes or boots that give range/magic bonus, Arcane stream neck is for magic probably fury for melee but I'm not sure about range. Also you could just add them to the new raid boss as rare drop we dont need them to be extremely rare just so that it wouldn't be very hard getting them or that would cost you your kidney.
  7. Not using a from for this cause those are 2 different items that I would like to suggest and i've got no idea if it has been suggested before. Mage cape Range cape Since we got already capes for melee (Blue deathcape, Fallen deathcape and Fallen deathcape (U)) I would like to see added capes for range and magic. I dont know much to say about this suggestion it's just a thing that i have thought about for a while. I wouldn't care how they looked like just something that gives bonuses to the other combat styles. EDIT: Maybe boots that give range/magic bonus aswell cause I can not find a single pair of boots that give + range or magic.
  8. Yes I will do that
  9. Who is your favorite DS player?
  10. This is going to be my entry video, good luck everyone!!!:
  11. Hell yeah!!!! I'll definetly try my tip top now for this event!!!