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  1. To be honest I love this minigame. It is fun and I love the Player killing. But playing on my ironman it was brought to my attention that ironmen cant drop. The inventory gets full of gear and vials and its troublesome. Also, with the gear it seems very unbalanced, Torva seems like its paper and rapier is like a butter knife. Range feels under powered a lot. Who ever gets a CLS or Statius WH usually wins the game every time. Also, can torva give you additional HP like how it was suppose to be? Also when the chest disappears and you already clicked it by the time you get to the spot where the chest was, you are still able to loot it. Maybe make it a little more challenging? Make it less food and pots?
  2. Lmao:D thanks guys ! just shoot me a message!!
  3. Hey guys, nickname is shorty. I have played runescape since 2007 and maxed out 3 times before osrs came out and kinda been on and off osrs. I have been playing dreamscape starting July. I donated atleast 500 dollars since then and going to donate more. I have 3 accounts Because, Laidtorest, and Iron Because. For those who are in the states I am in the USAF and enjoy it very much. I hope to see everyone in game and feel free to pm me anytime!