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  1. I'm not saying mid game content is too far above or that there shouldn't be a grind, but when the only way to get gear is through pvm and the only way to make money is pvm, it's hard to make any progress when people with gear higher than you out DPS you at the only places you can actually get drops. It's near impossible to find raid1 with just two people, and as soon as someone with SF or a MG joins, they instantly out DPS me and i lose all chance at loot. It takes me 4-5 minutes to kill a single Shadow King, which is completely inefficient, especially when there's a huge surplus of people there and i have to wait for one to spawn for me to kill. Sure i could go and kill other bosses, but their drops aren't worth anything in comparison and i'm still relying on a lot of rng in order to get anywhere. There is no way to make money without pvm. Players could have the option of making potions and using those to generate money, but they all can be bought from the general store for dirt cheap. Overloads can't be sold, which could also be another huge source of income for players, but it's also basically given to players for free because of the fact that there's a npc that sells all the herbs needed for overloads, making farming uselsss. It just feels like a lack of content after getting your low tier gear, and you're forced to go and kill things for money in order to progress, leading to overcrowding and camping of areas to farm and make money.
  2. I've noticed that there's a big lack of mid tier bosses and items that allow players to progress and gain money on this server. There isn't a lot of options for new players to go from an AR to an Golden Ak besides getting a lucky drop. It's a hastle to grind out mboxs for 2t needed for an AR, and while getting an AR significantly increases your DPS it doesn't unlock or allow you to get those higher tier items without grinding out hoping to get a lucky drop or gambling money. Most places that do have good drops are camped by people with SF or a MG, or are packed making it sometimes hard to grind out a drop (Shadow specifically) . There is a progression from the glock to AK-47 which is 100b, and from the AK-47 to AR is 10-20x bigger being at 900-1900b, its not bad considering the options you have available. But the next option, excluding the Scoped AR, is 50-100x the price of an AR, and considering the lack of content centered around mid game content it becomes daunting and possibly not fun for new players. This is just a topic that i wanted to bring up and see what other members of the community think about this topic.