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  1. Nice to see the latest drops added, keep the good loots coming!
  2. Welcome back to DS @thah0tshot
  3. Nice video mate, keep the videos coming! If you ever need any help feel free to message @Hc Jessie regarding video making.
  4. Welcome to Dreamscape! Nice first video bud, keep the videos coming and hope to see you in-game sometime.
  5. Netflix series dexter is good, prison break is good once you get into it, I am looking for a series to get back into as well. Netflix have loads but some aren't all that good. Apparently the IT horror movie is meant to be quite good
  6. I like this suggestion I think this would be a massive extra to the POS, keep up the good suggestions vouch
  7. Welcome back to DreamScape mate, enjoy your stay here!
  8. I mean I like the idea of adding it to the game or getting it back into the eco but I don't know if I would actually be a good custom, would people use it as much as they use the sf or mg/gmg? I like the suggestion though, my vote is neutral with this suggestion. Maybe we could get the other sniper from the game already and re-release it and possibly give it a buff if needed.
  9. That's a good idea, the armour from Dreamscape so like, blue torva, emperor set, flame torva and so on, it isn't a need but I think it will make some people more active on the forums.
  10. Nice guide mate, this will defiantly help people with the gear tiers and guides! loads of information, very helpful! Keep this updated for sure
  11. Thanks for the feedback, just a suggestion, maybe the veterans with like 250 + posts can get a unique icon next to their name or something like that.
  12. Hello Dreamscape members, I am forwarding this suggestion to try and get more enjoyment for the community out of the use of forums, to increase the activity! My suggestion: Forum PIPs example: Bronze Member - 1-25 posts Iron Member - 26 - 50 posts Steel Member - 51 -75 posts Black Member - 76 - 90 posts Mithril Member 91 - 105 posts ------------ Alternative ------------ Different forum PIPs such as: Single sword - New Member Duel Swords - 25 posts + Dragon 2h - 50 posts + Armadyl godsword - 100 posts + 3rd Age Longsword - 150 posts + Edit: Another suggestion, members with 250 + posts obtain a unique icon next to their name. I think this will be good for the forums as some people like to strive for forum rank (PIPs) as such, a competitive style of member will enjoy this, including myself. Thanks for reading my suggestion, let me know on your feedback. Regards, Zaro.
  13. There we go! there is your luck, congratulations on the SF drop mate, keep up the awesome loots.
  14. @Feeds is always do an amazing job! keep up the hard work bro