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  1. Thanks everybody :D
  2. Username: Adodwerg Rank In-game: Regular Donator Proof (screenshot):
  3. i am trying to get my old forums account but once again im not recieving any emails from dreamscape. Well the drop table is outdated on ALOT of npc's ( yeah ive been checking it out myself ^^ )
  4. i sure am fellow @cheesy :3
  5. I really love the layout of this topic! really i enjoyed reading it ( doesnt happen that often. )
  6. I really love skilling On Osrs i got a skiller with close to 1k total ( can get it with ease but lazy atm ) They sure need to do something with the skills here in dreamscape.
  7. I have applied early because of the Wiki bieng outdated( on alot of drops/stuff ) Sure there are requirements but there's also exceptions. I do not see anybody else apply for this position while it is bieng spammed ingame. Hereby i applied to become a Wiki Editor. Like i said, Exceptions can be made.
  8. I really need this method :p jk jk
  9. Some unlucky loot! glad to see the Vids tough :D
  10. The giveaways always help, they helped me getting a SF this is where i just get started tough. Skilling does indeed need to get a buff. There is no use in skilling except for woodcutting ( grinding that Row i from birdsnests ) and ofcourse slayer ( prestige for dmg boost ) but still.. all the other skills that are left.
  11. Id like to get my old forums account back then ( since yeah i did make 1 couple of years ago ) the postcount is easy to get, and the ingame time. give me 3 days and it will be atleast 5 days ingame. for the time i already got on there, im very active.
  12. I'll be just fine ^^ thx
  13. Fatal, Raids are considered as END game Bosses. This mean you must have a SF/mg to compete. Yeah i know the struggle people have between ar and golden ak. and even higher up. But in the end you got to grind i grinded mbox i grinded somewhat lower bosses because i killed them fast. if i got a drop id sell it for 300-500b this is how i made my money. i also joined into giveaways which made me able to buy a SF, now my game is only starting. Just stating the gaps are alot but once you reach it you're glad it took you so long :D
  14. Nice to meet you! hope to see you ingame :D
  15. Thanks, I can always learn a bit more Isnt my first time.