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  1. Good Video I agree!
  2. Yes it is a good post!
  3. I agree with Joeztube! VOUCH
  4. Hello.
  5. ONE COMMENT: #Xiare's Crew!
  6. You need more stuff.
  7. Hello Dream-Scape, I have a suggestion for you I was thinking about this a few moments go. You know how like the Kirl set is like a bulky male type thing yes? Well if you are a female.... It turns you into a male.. So I was thinking could you, Possibly fix that and make it where like the females could have like a custom set to that as well? its Just a thought I had when I was looking at it.
  8. yes I agree but I do it for my crew cause they are the ones I trust the most
  9. @Feeds @Ownercape 99
  10. I agree with Licky as well No Vouch! #NeverGiveUp! #Xiare's Crew #FFF
  11. I am going to have to say a No Vouch. not because its not a good Idea and all I understand it but, we also have players who do not know how to flower-poker either... I would believe it would make a problem with it because people wouldn't understand it. #NeverGiveUp! #Xiare's Crew #FFF #Executive
  12. @no r n g @VGod @Xiare @Blackk @Shelter @mboxie @Ownercape 99 @Xiare @Feeds @Xiare @Xiare @masks @Ownerscape @Feeds V V V V V V V V V V V V V V @Hi its Guru @Xiare V V These are my true homies I can not ask for a better Group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Shoutout @no r n g @VGod @Xiare @Blackk @Shelter @mboxie @Ownercape 99 @Feeds @masks @Ownerscape @Hi its Guru #Plantations #Xiare's Crew #NeverGiveUp #FFF #PimpNation
  13. I hope they sell homie #Xiare's Crew #NeverGiveUp! #Plantations #FFF
  14. My Name is Xiare nice to meet you! #Xiare's Crew #NeverGiveUp! #Plantations #FFF
  15. Thanks for yalls feed back on it guys #Xiare's Crew #NeverGiveUp! #Plantations #FFF