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  1. ill be happy to say Vouch!
  2. Hello DreamScape its your Homie Xiare, Due to some issue's I am having I will No longer be around. I have had a great time at Dreamscape I have done a lot while I have been here, Goals I have achieved Trusted Host, Legacy Host, News Team, Wiki Editor, And finally I have became a Veteran, I have learned a few things over the months I have been playing but I guess you can never do you're best for anything or anyone. I feel like I just want some time off my computer and stay away from Dreamscape lemme get everything put back together so from this day 4-1-18 I will No longer be playing. With Great Thoughts and regards I Quit for a while maybe when things are different. But To all the great friends I have made over the months I have been here, @Amonn @Feeds @Masks @Emperor Nick @DRAX @Stuart @Guru @Mrdoctor. @Bman @Yvez @Orbital/Unobtainable @Shelter
  3. Keep your head up and you will make them goals k3
  4. Welcome to formus
  5. Nice
  6. *facedesk*
  7. Gz keppa
  8. I support this post Vouch
  9. I am Blue :D
  10. I support this I believe it would be a good idea to have to do this we need more slayer stuff!
  11. Keep up the good work homie
  12. I am Neutral on this
  13. Name: Nick Age: 20 Country and Timezone: United States Central Time In-Game Username: Xiare Forums Username: Xiare Proof of days Played: How often are you active in-game and on forums: 6-12+ all day every day. Why do you want this position?: I would want this position because I love the Dreamers Monthly I vote for it every month I love to be able to interview and get things for the Dreamers Monthly. Because everyone likes to see the news from the server every month drops, things that have been achieved and goals that have been set and completed! What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly?: Because I am very active know about a lot of things that go on throughout the month that I figure most people would like to know about!
  14. Ingame Username: Xiare Forum Username: Xiare How old are you? 20 What is your current location? The United States of America, Alabama Have you ever been blocked on the wiki? No Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. I was an Administrator of a Wikia page, for another game called Jade Dynasty I was helping them make sure everything was updated and correctly production of the game. Create a brief introduction about yourself. Hello, my name is Xiare most people call me X. I am 20 years of age. I like music and video game all the time. I am very active in the Dreamscape community hopefully I will be given an opportunity to help the Wikia team where ever I can! What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? Strengths - I am very good at peer pressure type problems I will make decisions using my head not lashing out and making the wrong decisions and getting my self into trouble! I am very good with communication with every I try and try in touch with you the best way I know how! I am very open-minded! Weaknesses - I do not like people to make fun of me and call me something I would not call them. What is your best moment with Dremscape? When @Ownerscape was doing an ::type challenge and did a prod cape and everyone was freaking out! Example scenarios: If you had to take some time off from the wiki what would you do? Look at the administrator (depending on how long I would be gone) I would be like I need some time to my self to reconnect and make sure I am still me and not someone I am not. If I knew I was going to be gone for a lot longer than a month I would resign and say I could not do it I wish I can try again in the future! If you noticed another editor was abusing their power what would you do? I would report them to an administrator about them miss using their powers and do what I can to make sure he/she doesn't mess with other people!