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    Im very friendly with everyone!
  1. Ill vote for ya //reviewed //Plantationteam!
  2. I would vote in you have my vote in this //reviewed //Plantationteam!!
  3. I would let you in you have my vote. //review //Plantationteam!
  4. I wouldn't accept this at the time being I agree with Yves //I'm undecided //PlantationTeam!
  5. We are talking your application as a group we will get back to you //PlantationTeam
  6. I approve this Application //PlantationTeam!
  7. Sorry to inform you but this is not valid Application the application format was incomplete //PlantationTeam!
  8. I agree with that statement the reason isn't really there //Plantationteam
  9. I vouch! same thing on JustBeast and Doubt
  10. No you have to create a pin that allows you to play just make one up
  11. I agree on what Squishy said go and kick back at shadow kings and watch some Tv or something to by pass the time and watch your drops you will get some good stuff I mean if you're a gambler go gamble some and work your way up I mean start low and keep it low never try to loose more than you make or start with because then you will be struggling to make more money. That's my input on gambling at least that's what I do. I mean there are a few bosses out there that drops good stuff you just need the time and Collector Necklace and you should be set Another good thing to kill is mage-grays.
  12. Whats everyone up to today? Drop in the forums blow!
  13. You will have to use ::support send a tick it and wait for them to reply!
  14. If there was some good clubs then sure :P
  15. Woo. Waddup hahaha

    1. Xiare


      Not much man how you doing?

    2. Cloud Sama

      Cloud Sama

      I'm doing pretty good what about you my dude 

    3. Xiare


      About the same actually just been grinding