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  1. Gooooodddd luccckkk guyss
  2. Great video. Big amount of money won in this video, congrats
  3. It seems to me that some basses are not being killed often as they may just be dead content.
  4. I support this, as it will bring new items in the game.
  5. welcome back bro, fun talking to you in discord #og player
  6. Welcome bro, how we can have a little chat soon
  7. I enjoyed the video. well constructed video.
  8. Nice video man,Keep up the good work
  9. Welcome back bro, Nice to see you again
  10. #fail you know in and lose part of the game haha.
  11. Great video, Enjoyed watching it.
  12. it looks epic!!!
  13. cant wait to see 100k killcount it will look great!!!!
  14. welcome back Blueoptic!!!!!
  15. i would prefer a different dicezone as it has been packed lately and get's kind of annoying when fping as there is people afk in the way sometimes. i give this a vouch.