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  1. High potential, would like to see more from you though. Good Luck. I can see where above members have stated their opinion on. But Trusted Hosts have the same potential option to scam. It's not 100% safe man. That's where a lot of people get mistaken for. ANYONE CAN SCAM. I've seen it happen on my team before, and I've seen it before recently. I agree with what you said to an extent. Although you seem very dedicated. I'd love to see more from you before I see you as a Trusted Host. Neutral.
  2. One of the best staff members of 2017. <3
  3. <3 <3 <3 Jake <3 <3 <3
  4. Avatar is a bit pixely upfront, but looks clean from afar. Would be real cool if the lighting adjusted and went some "branches" idk... through in front and behind the letter. But non-the less, nice job.
  5. OG = Original Sage = Fav Color. And my Nickname. Bih what you need to know??
  6. Link to attached Pictures; https://imgur.com/a/LrZP0 GMT+1 (Germany) (Helps for those who have to Decide Vouches) As for a decision factor. I think you're a cool individual, see you on actively throughout most timezones. Think you show great dedication to the server and the community. The only thing I would recommend is working on your ability to communicate effectively and efficiently. Making sure you are making sense. I'd presume English is not your first language, so this may take time, but try your best. Nothing is frowned upon, only attempt is looked at! Vouch.
  7. Haven't seen/heard much about you. But I can say that your timezone is much in need of a Trusted Host. The community definitely needs more Trusted members to show ropes to those newbies. Although you're quite a newbie yourself. I'd love to see more of who you are, and what you would like to achieve here. Neutral. As for below; I don't blame you at all for your response. But this question is very unrelated to Trusted Host responsibilities. As per-say, Trusted Host have no power or authority to deal with any punishments in game. Only to provide a service to the players, being Middlemanning and Hosting. I would love to see this question removed in the future. But as well as a future reference, that Video Proof is needed, but community needs are to be met. Show the player support, as you may not know if he was being truthful or not. Moral support is the best that any person can do with no power to show any action towards the accused.
  8. 9yr old Admin. Such achievement. Very proud of my young "man".
  9. Alex/Stan Question - Will area of attack be fixed when it comes to certain bosses? i.e. clicking on monster, when you really clicked the one next to it. Or completely away from it.
  10. RIP my chances xD
  11. Ayeeee this mans is lit. Old school af --Party Hard <3
  12. GL TO ALL.