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  1. Thank you for your opinion ima try my best
  2. Lets Start The Guide : First of all when you start You can choose any game mode you want (HardCore,IronMan,Regular) : The Description of the game mode : And Then You Have to enter your security Pin (only 4 digits): After this they will show you the places in the server (travel) After it you will go to home and you will claim your starter armour : Then choose your mode (Magic , Range, Melee) After choosing you can go to ::mbox Which is good place to start : Very Useful Place to start Have to kill the penguins to get mboxes and crystal keys the droprate on the penguins is 1:15 You can use the crystal keys at east of home next to thieving the crystal keys gives armours and weapons which they are better than starter armour and weapons And then the big penguins (Steriod Penguin) : Drops 24k torva armour and more of good items its hard to kill for starter but its so good the droprate on them 1:150 After Finishing on ::mbox You Go to ::StarterBoss Every useful boss you can get from them Royal Sicle and brutal whip Which is so good weapons and the brutal whip costs 1t-2t But the Sicle costs 200b-300b After getting any of these weapons and armour you can go grind in any place you want and remember to get the bones to reach soulsplit for easy kills :D Thanks for reading :D
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  5. Bye bro we will miss you Good luck and take it easy m8 :(
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  9. Here is my outfit Gl everyone