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  1. Hey my dreamers! So, the thing is that unfortunately I cannot be part of this amazing server anymore. I'm too busy running my own business. If only the days had more hours! Besides that I decided to do another YOLO of my bank the luck was surely not with me this time Sometimes you go big or go home and as fun and amazing DS is I must go BIG with my company instead It's been a pleasure knowing this community and wish you the best of luck with everything! For the last time... Pictures / Video RSPS!
  2. I'd like to show you some of my drops! + GIVEAWAY
  3. Don't miss out on today's One Hour Boss!
  4. Wow, grats on the scythe! Very impressive.
  5. Hey mate! Sad to see you leaving, but as you say it's only for a period! Hope to see you back soon Regardless keep up your youtube - Take care bud!
  6. Congratulation on the giveaway!
  7. what an intense video Love it!
  8. True that! Feeds told me it would be a good idea with a thread, that's why
  9. Hi guys! So, I've been thinking to make an enormous server pot - let me explain. Participants have to pay an entrence fee of x amount (say 50t) to either staff or me. Every payment will be recorded and written down. Participants have to comment their in-game name in my video and by one week I will announce a winner, who's rewarded with the whole pot. People who comment their in-game name without paying the entrence fee, will have no chance of winning since every participant will have been documented. Thoughts and ideas about this kind of event?
  10. Join the giveaway
  11. I made a little guide on how Black Jack Table works with some INSANE bets! Enjoy!
  12. very cool designs you got there mate
  13. glad to spot a new youtuber! - unfortunately the video is restricted in my area -.-