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  1. Damn, this is a really sick update, big thanks to all the developers for fire content
  2. Swarm

    Gotta be pizza, love all kinds
  3. Swarm

    Also, I want to share something else that's similar. Not really a creepy pasta, but something close I guess. Have u guys ever heard about SCP Foundation? SCP stands for Secure - Contain - Protect. It's a fictional organisation, that is web-based project collaboratelly written and started by 4chan's /x/ board users. Started small but grown into something amazingly big. Basically the organisation is all about containing supernatural entities, objects and locations called SCP's. All the articles are written in scientific, documental kinda way. There is around 4000 articles on SCP's and hundreds of videos on YT about it - for those who rather listen then read. There is even a video game based on it. Tons of stuff to devour in your free time for those who like that kind of stuff Main website: http://www.scp-wiki.net Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/SCPDeclassified/ One of my fav channel's that cover SCP's: https://www.youtube.com/user/CyberGothTatsumaki/videos https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVolgun/videos Intro video:
  4. Swarm

    Not really into creepy pastas all that much. I know this is a kinda mainstream one, but it's gotta be my fav:
  5. Swarm

    Welcome to DS, u should also check the ::wiki, lots of info there
  6. Swarm

    Vouch. I agree with both points in the suggestion. Also, just a thought. Make arcade task, 1-2 runs per task and counts when u get to like wave 30 or smth
  7. Swarm

    Ayy that's a dope suggestion, I especially like the new ranged armour, cause range gets no love these days!
  8. That's some sick gambling session mate! Even tho I don't like gambling this was lit Goodluck to everyone on the giveaway
  9. Swarm

    I agree that crystal set deff need to get some more bonuses
  10. Swarm

    Hello, so I have decided to make some goals for myself and share them with the awesome community to motivate myself even more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green = Complete Orange = In-progress Red = Not started ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Obtain best in-slot Magic gear for PVM Obtain 20k Slayer points Get Avery's ring as a drop from Vendura Complete the Arcade Make the Trix (i) amulet Buy the Owner's cape Get my own custom item Reach Veteran rank on forums ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alright, that's it for now, but expect to see some updates in future #DSGANG I'm out
  11. Soo I was thinking about how to stop inflation in-game a little bit. The idea is that u add well of goodwill. For those that don't know it's an object in which u put cash to and in return whole server gets increased exp, droprate or w/e for certain amount of time. For example it could be like u get people put tickets into it and once 1Q total is reached 3 hours of 50% bonus exp begins or it could give droprate like mentioned earlier, 1Q for 20% dr for everyone for couple hours. But those are just examples. Length and cost are up for debate with community and staff. Please pardon my english - it's not the best, but I hope u understood what I meant by this post. Thanks #DSGANG
  12. Swarm

    IGN: Swarm Timezone GMT +2
  13. Swarm

    This is really nice idea would love to see it live in game
  14. Swarm

    Thanks for picking my suggestion and making awesome hns. Too bad I couldn't participate
  15. Swarm

    #EVENT ign: Swarm