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  1. Thanks for helping me. You helped a lot when i first started creating content for DreamScape. It's really sad to see you go, i hope to see you again soon. For now, take care.
  2. Honestly, i did not jump to conclusions. I didn't say you didn't read the rest of the suggestion, i said i'd appreciate it you read the entire thing. If you read the part where i mentioned that there would be a limit per week, why would you say not everything has to be box openings? I don't even post that many box openings on my channel, i'm suggesting this idea for the days when YouTubers are lacking ideas for content and could showcase of the custom weapons that we have on DreamScape or a simple box oppening which people find entertaining. Anyways, that's all i have to say regarding your comment.
  3. One of the benefits we get as YouTubers is the request of certain items/boxes to showcase for a video. This requires an admin. Admins are usually busy and never really have the time to do such thing. This suggestion is simply to make that benefit into an entire zone.
  4. That's why i mentioned there will be limit per week. I'd appreciate it if you'd read the entire suggestion.
  5. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, Congratulations on 400 subscribers.
  6. Good luck to everyone, Very good looking outfits.
  7. Maybe you didn't read the part that once you leave the zone, the items will be removed/dissapear. If this does end up being a thing, i have ideas on how to make it work and could help out the developer plan it out.
  8. YouTuber Zone What will the YouTuber Zone be? The YouTuber zone will be an area with the command (::ytzone) which only YouTubers can acess. This area will allow YouTubers to create content with eachother with some benifits. There will be some type of bank were we can spawn items such as custom boxes to open for videos or custom weapons to use against bosses found in the zone. (We could add a limit to the amount of boxes we could get per week in order to not spam the global chat but i believe YouTubers will understand to not do such thing). EDIT: If necessary, a staff member can be with you while you do this. But as i mentioned, the items will dissapear once you leave the area. No items will be added to the economy, it's simply for content purposes. How can this work? After each inventory, trade over the items to the staff member or do the ::empty command. Then, the staff member will watch the video, make sure you have emptied the items. If these rules aren't followed, consequences will be handed. There will also be bosses scattered around the zone as mentioned above to use custom weapons to showcase during videos in order to show the audience the unique weapons we have here on DreamScape. Note (These items will be removed from your inventory once you leave the ::ytzone) I feel like YouTubers don't get any benefits in-game and this idea has never been developed on any other server. I believe our development team would be able to create it.
  9. Here's some suggestions: 1. Add a thumbnail 2. Add an intro/outro 3. Remove the black bars/your desktop (Makes it more proffesional) 4. Add music in the background Good luck with your channel.
  10. That's unfortunate. What you said on your status shouldn't affect whether you keep the rank or not as everyone make mistakes. I hope to see you keep uploading videos for DreamScape as the content you make is great.
  11. Ooh, that's really lucky. Well done, congrats.
  12. Love the video, keep it up. Next time i want to be in the video..
  13. Welcome to DreamScape.
  14. Congrats on the NewsTeam rank

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