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  1. I find it very disrespectful that i got absolutely no credit even though i did a majority of this paper. @Feeds
  2. Thanks to everyone that voted for me. Unfortunately i can't play anymore but yeah, thanks guys.
  3. I wish i could understand why i was banned. I resigned..

    1. Hc Maximum

      Hc Maximum

      freedom for floppy :[

  4. Thanks for contributing towards the server. Was a pleasure creating content with you. Hope to stay in touch with you.
  5. Never thought i'd make a thread like this. The title says it all though, i am resigning from my YouTuber position. Some of you might ask why and i won't really get into that. I spoke with the Owner and i think both parties are leaving on good terms. This doesn't mean i will stop playing DreamScape or be part of the News Team. I'll still be pretty active on DreamScape and I'll still be helping out a ton with the News Team alongside @Feeds. As i said, i'll still be here on DreamScape being active, i just won't be uploading videos. Thanks to everyone who supported all my videos, i created over 40 and each one of them was a blast. Love y'all, see you in-game!
  6. #ROT Wants this. VOUCH. (There should be options though such as 2v2, 3v3, 4v4...)
  7. I just wanna go play ::BG right now. Thanks for the updates! Appreciated as always.
  9. Thanks for taking time writing all of these suggestions. With that being said, i love all of your ideas. Support.
  10. I really like the suggestion. Would add more content to the game and make the Barrows Brothers worth doing again. Very detailed suggestion, support.
  11. Welcome to DreamScape. Enjoy your time on here.
  12. First day working with the News Team was definitely a success.


    Future looking bright.

  13. Thanks for helping me. You helped a lot when i first started creating content for DreamScape. It's really sad to see you go, i hope to see you again soon. For now, take care.