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  1. Looks very nice man, you doing this for us much appreciated and to what Feeds said above We could really use the community to help us out.
  2. Paid 500t owed: 1.5q
  3. Thanks for the feeback! Yeah you love to bombard me with some pcs and pms a lot but no worries :D.
  4. Paid: 3.35q Owed: 0t Paid off.
  5. Paid: 130t + noct chain Owed: 0t Paid off
  6. Update: Pad: 200t Owed: 160t
  7. Update: Paid: 2q Owed: 0t CC rank: 1 Tier: Custom Loan: Gmg Paid: Mg Owed: 2q
  8. https://prnt.sc/gqk1pl Paid off 1.8q
  9. Mg Paid back, User quit.
  10. Hey CBA, A chill dude. It seems you are above qualified in the playtime part although it does not seem that you pvm much but hopefully we at the plantation can help make you strive to pvm more. So today I will be accepting you as a member of Plantation. //accepted
  11. Update: Paid: 120t Owed: 0t Paid offf
  12. CC Rank: 1 Tier: Custom Loan: Mg Paid: sfu + am torva + 150t cash (825t) Owed: 1.175q Proof: http://prntscr.com/gq50qa
  13. CC rank: 1 Tier: Custom Loan: Mg + Emp set + Chaos ele pet Paid: Gmg (4q) Owed: 2q Proof: http://prntscr.com/gq49lp
  14. It seems this user has been banned for scamming @Le Deathwish that is very sad.
  15. You've obviously been accepted at this point in time. Just thought i'd make sure i'd go back and make sure you know that!