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  1. Thanks for helping me so much when I started I hope to see you youtubing again when time/irl allows for it Take care homie <3
  2. This is my biggest gamble vid and probably will be the biggest I will ever gamble <3 Then again I might do another gamble vid soon o_o
  3. To enter 1. Be subscribed to my channel 2. Comment your ingame name in the youtube comments ngl
  4. Vouch, Would be nice to show off some more content or box openings
  5. Congratz! bank made! I still want a big double drop
  6. I think you deserve to keep the rank regardless for all the content you've done after such a long period I really love your videos cause of the uniqueness like the raid montages. Thats just my 2 cents
  7. 1st one as well
  8. I'm glad to see more people active on forums, gz on 100
  9. Agree with all of the changes, Its so much spam when u pvm in ownerzone
  10. First box opening i've done in a while, Thanks @Hc Jessie for the help making this vid possible
  11. Nice video, Thanks for hosting the giveaway.
  12. Thanks to you and bigsmoke
  13. Well, I should be not allowed to make farewell posts cause i come back the next day, that aside, here's another battleground vid! sorry the audio was a bit distracting in the first 30 seoncds