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  1. Just to add to what bman said, if your account has a space in the name and its autosaving the name, it tries to double space the name. Retype the username manually first and see if that fixes it before doing a ticket
  2. Welcome back, looking forward to the content, to answer your question me personally i prefer gambling videos but I know thats not always feasible
  3. Welcome to the server
  4. Welcome to the server hope you enjoy your stay
  5. gratz on admin knew it would happen one day well deserved 

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      Thanks alot bro :) 

  6. Sometimes my own artistic skills surpass my own expections, based on true events.
  7. Its cause of the music used, won't play in some countries. I learnt using copyright music is a horrible idea on rsps vids. Should be back up thanks for letting me know
  8. Looks fun, thanks for taking the time to make events for ds
  9. gl to all
  10. Vouch, active in dicezone and knows what he is doing GL
  11. I dont know why but i thought it was a mixtape before i clicked on it LOL
  12. Hey I've noticed in dreamscape's discord there's no streaming or YouTube section to post videos. I think it would be nice for the people that make videos for dreamscape having a section on to post when they upload a dreamscape video. It would just have to be a text channel with "youtube" or "streaming"
  13. No vouch bringing back discontinued items should never happen They lose all value and the people that held onto for years its unfair on
  14. nice vid, well explained