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  1. Singapore noodles, i love any thai food as well
  2. I support, the moneysink would be good for the eco and the well would benefit everyone
  3. awesome updates, and that youtube event looks sexy mmm keep up the great work
  4. wb pots <3
  5. congrats on the 100! hope to see you grow even more, nice video as always
  6. Hc maximum Thanks for hosting and gl every1
  7. Name: Matthew Age: 23 Country and Timezone: Australia and AEST In-Game Username: Hc Maximum Forums Username: Hc Maximum Proof of days Played: How often are you active in-game and on forums: I'm online in game everyday for 3-5 hours and more on forums Why do you want this position?: I enjoy reading the dreamers monthly every time it comes out and want to see it stay long term. I feel I can help contribute with either gathering screenshots (drops, achievements interviews etc) and also can bring some inspiration What would you bring to the Dreamers Monthly?: I can help get in contact with players for interviews. I'm active in game to gather screenshots (such as someone getting a rare drop from pvm or boxes) I could also help with getting the interviews done or asking questions and having them done in advance. I would also like to help keep it running all year round, as it's one of my favourite reads on the forums
  8. nice video, nice seeing what these new boxes do in action
  9. Vouch, you've been very active on uploading consistent and good videos, gl@@
  10. gz to everyone! love reading these and my video got in yeet
  11. Still listen to them to this day, but definitely a throwback for me
  12. Berserk, watch the 90s version
  13. Going to be uploading on the regular! I wanted to start a few weeks ago but health issues came up but im all good now! If your interested in winning some elemental pieces or cash (200t+ in prizes) 1. Like the vid 2. Be subscribed to the channel 3. Comment your in-game username on youtube!