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  1. Pots :( This is probably the hardest good bye but i know you have made up your mind. I hope you come back to show us some more nudes. Much love bro, and i hope to see you soon. Also, get on discord atleast. You know you'll miss the crazy DS adventures. #RipPots #RipPotsNudes
  2. I will accept you for trial unless a staff says otherwise. //Accepted for trial
  3. Zbootz @ZbootZ rsps
  4. Locked upon request of a scammed member of DS. Also, added applicant on the banned players.
  5. Looks like you have been grinding. Hope to see you more on discord. ill vouch for you and accept you unless another staff says otherwise. //Accepted for trial
  6. Looks like you have been grinding. We have just got a discord chat and voice channel so please be more active on discord and i would like to accept you for trial! //Accepted for trial
  7. We don't mind having you in our club but what could we help you with since you are a sponsor meaning you own an OC or glaive which is better than what we can offer you.
  8. Aye we are onto bigger and better things. I think the next few updates will bring in more reasons to improve our club. This is a great post thank you yvez for this. Also, upcoming events will be held as well. To improve our reputation on the Server and to relieve some of the PvM grinding and be as rewarding as possible! #Plantation #MoneyTrees
  9. As loans are being lent out at a cyclic rate. I would like some feedback on how we run this Club. Also, i would like to announce that we do not do DAILY payments anymore but we will be doing WEEKLY payments. Every FRIDAY of every week will be the time to pay your loans. It not only gives you guys time to accumulate more cash. but it also stops the extra moving parts. You PvM and then on Friday you pay half of what you made. Less trading, fewer needs for us to hunt people down, less stress on the PvMers and also fewer headaches. So tell me what you think about that idea. And some feedback on our policy, staff and mission. The PvP tournament will be held in 2 weeks as this upcoming week will be a very busy one for myself. It will give me the next couple of days to prepare the logistics. The prizes are: 1st place: 500t cash OR Extreme donor ticket 2nd place: 250t cash OR SF 3rd place: 100t cash OR 3 Dynamic boxes!
  10. I don't know how we would be able to help you since you are an ironman.
  11. You meet our minimum as a trial member. The only difference is that you have a loan limit depending on the staff you talk to for loans. Hope you enjoy yourself with our services. //Accepted for Trial.
  12. You dont meet our time in game req. But i do believe we can give you a trial. You have my vouch for trial until you show some more progress and time in game. Thanks for applying!
  13. Am i glitched? Why is Yvez's signature your signature? Also, you meet our reqs i would think. You have my Vouch. Looking for other staff to put their input. Thanks for applying and i hope you get accepted!
  14. Sadly, i can not open up those images which is weird because i use lightshot as well. Is it possible for you to do imgur? We would like to be featured in any content possible so let me know for sure!
  15. Ayeee it is always lit for Dreamer's Monthly. Hope to get Plantation on this next month! It is so successful i am thinking about making a Planter's Monthly as well! Such a great idea!