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  1. Only thing he will pick up is his boxers
  2. whore house
  3. Your application is well put. But i still have to to hold you to the same standards as everyone else. If this was your other account, it would be a for sure vouch for me. I do believe you provide good work ethics and have been more active lately. I do hope they accept you even with this answer. Good luck my friend. No Vouch. I would recommend finding an additional reason of why TD is needed. Yours is a better way of putting "No TD on my timezone, i iz alwayz on. Me TD Plz" for sure. So i give you props for that. But you still do not meet the 10 days requirement. Which can be achieved in hours. If you update this in the future, adding an extra "Edit:" part under the original picture/text, i will reconsider Vouching.
  4. Alright, It's your boy Zodiac back at it again with another suggestion. This one is more about information on the current state of DreamScape. Even though i am not active in game, i did come across this screenshot from a Discord channel i am on. I did the most i can with trying to find who this person is. Sadly, He was not in the DS Discord which would at least give me an idea on who is might have been. Anyways, Here goes a screenshot. You can try to zoom in on the names, it is pretty much impossible to see the username. NOTE: This is a single player. Yes, This is 13 bots. Alright, so now that i have your attention. Lets go through a couple FACTS. A single person's bot gets a 157T/Hr profit. Now some basic math to find profit per hour for this particular player: 157*13 = 2,041 (2q)/Hr. And obviously, since it is ALLOWED and AFK why would someone just do 1 hour per day right? Lets do a bit of more math to see this person's actual profit: 2,041*24= 48,984 (49Q~)/Day. Solutions?!: So lets see how this CAN be handled. Many of you will say "Add a random event" or "make it give items that they have to sell instead of tickets". Wow, very logical and simplistic idea of how to LOWER profits. Obviously if anyone has experience of botting would know. It literally barely lowers profits per hour. The Randoms will be handled by client itself and NOT the scripter. Some can also say "ban the bots" or "Just IP ban them". Well as much as this is the simplest way of handling it. It does not take any time to bot back to 99 thieving and also to change your IP. Everyone and their mother knows about Proxies and VPNs. Very few has said "Remove the skill" or "Remove the money making portion of the skills". Well, as much as this would solve the issue as a whole. There is not another problem DS runs into. How do you level up thieving? What other skills are "Money Making" worthy? Which skill should they make as a new money maker? What happens when that skill gets botted as well? Personal opinion: Since we went through the mainstream solutions. This is just my personal opinion and no one else's. I do not speak for the server nor the staff members. I do recommend investing money into creating a way to detect bots. To automatically detect botlike behavior and jail/ban them on an automated system (unrealistic). Or to have Trusted members become part of the "Bot Busting Team". Their job is simple, to ban/jail players suspected of botting. Usually it is a simple process, simplest being: "Hey guys how are you doing?" *Bots does not reply* *Ban hammer*. Obviously scripters/bots can add auto reply option but since there is no way of a bot to depict feelings through text. They either A) Make no sense when replying. B) Reply to every text constantly (multiple bots replying to each other nonstop). So the most realistic solution is this Elite group of Bot Busters. TL;DR -Botting is causing Eco to rise at an exponential rate. -There is ZERO reason why it is allowed for "skilling" or than the server wanting their "player" count to remain the same. -Permanent solution? There is none. It is/going to be a constant battle. Even OSRS can't stop all bots. -Send Nudes Leave a comment below; Let me know your opinions on the subject. This is a simple player in the screenshot above. I do understand many of us does not do multiple accounts but i am just showing your the worse case scenario. Which was only a prediction on my part months ago, now is reality. This is a very colorful post but i did it on purpose. Just accept the fact and look at the real problem at hand.
  5. Why do you click through your whole inventory when you know that you can just spam the last one? And you forgot 13Q in your bank.
  6. You obviously have not looked at the requirements of this application. You need AT LEAST 25 forum posts. You do not meet that requirement. So that in itself is a no vouch. This application also lacks visual appeal. It is literally all one size font with the default color. You literally put no effort into this from what it seems. And I only see a single reason in your "few reasons" to being Trusted Host. That being said, it is literally the fact that there MAY not be any on during your timezone. I am not actively playing online so I do not know, but if that is the case, anyone can just come on here and give that as a reason to apply. Since the requirements are not difficult to get, I take those into account very seriously. P.S Look at what happens when I add a bit of color and font size edits into my comment. I promise you people liked reading my comment more than this application. No Vouch.
  7. But water isn't wet though. You can not pour water on water to make it wet. But you can pour water on anything else and make it wet.
  8. So you answered yes. But how?
  9. Why you no answer? :( Me sad.
  10. Is water wet?
  11. Nice revamps. Nice boxes. Nice customs. Hope to see more revamps.
  12. range and mage is already the go to style. making capes to enhance it will only make melee less and less useful. Making the cape even do more damage or higher attack speed would throw melee out the window for a chance at late game. You can argue that melee is for new players and during late game they should aim for GMG or whatever. But what if Player A loves to use melee weapons, duel wielded or not. Now he is forced to do something that he does not like to compete with everyone around him. Making his experience less enjoyable and in turn less memorable.
  13. Bye

    Bye friend. Even though we had a "rivalry". You will be missed. I do wish to know the reasons for this though. Seems shitty to lose someone like you
  14. You said that prices of the Emp set is a lot to some people. So we should INCREASE the value of the set? That does not make sense. I would agree that paying that much money for a set that does not work on raids is weird. But as explained before, with Emp set came the issue of overpopulation of certain items. Like SF, those are rendered useless now that Emp set makes them drop double. This will cause the same situation with other items. I think Emp set should be revamped into another bonus to keep from overpopulating items to the point where no one needs the item anymore. Get rid of double drop and increase the chances of good drops. So you get drops more often with a little more grind.
  15. As i do believe there should be an update on the requirements on many applications. You obviously didn't read the reqs for this application. You do not meet the standards of 25 forum posts. Also, as everyone pointed out the grammar on this application is very poor. Even with my native tongue being something other than English, i still manage to sound professional. I do believe snipping tool works as well if you do not wish to use prnt screen. With more TD's being accepted lately, i highly am in disbelief that all TD's online are AFK. I rarely get on DS as is, so i may also be wrong. Your application also lacks luster. The application is in a single color and font size. The grammar could be improved. The structure and explanations could also use improving. Look at other applications, not just TD and take note of how to fill an application. Although, mine is not the best. I do believe my forum mod application is better than most and even that was declined (possibly from other reasons than just the application). TL;DR: -Improve grammar by using grammarly (paid) or google translate (free). -Improve the appeal of your application. -Explain things better. Just because you are well known for something does not mean you get a free pass for doing a shitty application and get accepted. No vouch