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  1. You have nothing that you are Protecting when making rules. Simple enough, your rules are from your standards which have nothing to back it up. Chuck makes the rules in the thoughts of keeping his baby, the server, alive. You have nothing but self-interest in your friends being unbanned. You are making a fool out of yourself. You joined this month, and you already complaining about your experience. Also, if you are being mistreated by staff, you can always take my advice in sending it to Chuck/Lt. limes in PM, as complaining on someone's thread is not the way to go. That is unacceptable. Provide your proof and everything else you may need. to support your case. Thanks for your time.
  2. If they promote people depending on how much they paid, then every top donor would be staff. Just because you make up rules to YOUR standard does not mean it is right. Chuck has a Server that he has to protect, you have nothing to protect. So which rules would be more valid in this terms? There are limited ways to prove scams, if that is what you are talking about when you said " I don't mind not being a staff member, but someone must take care of the "when they do" and "you weren't there" situations." Because logs may show the players trading x amount or certain items. And you could also check chat logs, sure. But you understand how much chat logs there are? And how vague someone could make a conversation? This isnt always visible to the person being scammed. That is why we tell you to record all your gambling sessions. Also, if you want to talk about demoting/promoting staff, you should know that just because people apply and get vouches does not mean they will get it. Staff members that are already staff, not all of them but the higher ups. Sit and talk about promotions that should be done. Demotion is also the same way. Not just because someone can Donate x amount of money or have x amount of vouches can become a staff. It does not matter what the reqs are either. People can afk for the time in game, spam post different threads for post count. etc. Just because you make the post count 1k+ with 80 days in game doesn't mean anything. Also, if you have proof of your accusations you should PM it or email it to Chuck/Lt. limes. And "strangers" are not handling the tickets. Lt. Limes is actually handling a lot of the tickets, which has been processed with the efficiency many times over the previous months. I do agree on staff members possibly abusing power, which I have never come into contact with but with people recordings, i have seen it. And everyone acts upon their beliefs. It's normal things for 16-20+ year olds to act. This isn't an abnormal thing.
  3. Also you didn't answer the question of what the #6 of ToS is. Seems like you didn't put effort towards the application. I do agree with the two replies. I think you should prove to use the PvMing portion. I have seen players with less time in game with more kills. Gambling is not a big deal, but we are entrusting you with multi quad assets and would not want to get scammed or have you dice them. But there is always chance. I dont want to be the one to deny your application. Just please show us some progress. As of now we are putting you on a trial period. Please screen shot your whole screen when showing us an updated boss log in 3 days. We will lend you up to 250t~ in items (depending on the loaner's pricing). Thank you for your application.
  4. Awesome, nice to see newer players applying. We are here aimed for all tiers of players. But due to your very low time in game, you will be put on a longer period of trial before being accepted. We are using CC plantation to communicate and also discord. Please join us in there and we could answer most if not all of your PvM questions. Would like to see more activity and we could do possible custom loans. Since you are a trial member, our max would probably be the 250t~ worth of items. I think that is not a bad deal for someone with 1 day of game play. The staff would have to be the one to decide on the deal. Thank you for the application. See you soon!
  5. cc rank: Trusted member tier: Custom deal loan: Minigun, collector's necklace, epic archer's ring paid: 0 owed: 1.550q Picture of trade: http://prntscr.com/gaejdw
  6. As of right now, you are accepted to be in a trial period. We could still loan you items but nothing more than 300t. That should be enough to gear you up to atleast take on mid tier monsters. I will personally monitor you via alt accounts and/or invisible accounts. You will need to show progress in your bosslogs. Hope you put out because i know a lot of other people do. See you soon.
  7. cc rank: Trial period tier: N/A loan: SoulFlare paid: 0 owed: 250t
  8. I have invested some money into the sets that we will be lending out, You can always join to help the progression of the club ie. Donating sets, money and experience. Unless anyone else has a problem, i would like to Welcome you aboard. Our CC is "Plantation" also, please read the ToS under application tab and confirm that you agree to those ToS and have a gander at the Rules as well when they are posted //Accepted!
  9. After reviewing your application, you meet the requirements set forth. You have my vote for a Trial period before making it into the trusted member rank. I will wait for other members to comment their input and discuss about it after.
  10. With the application into The Plantation. You agree to the following Terms of Services: 1. You WILL NOT gamble any Borrowed items/Loans until AFTER they are paid for. 2. You WILL NOT leave the Club at any point until AFTER the Items/Loans are paid for. 3. All payments are from PvMing and not gambling/merching.* 4. Refunds are for Fees ONLY.** 5. You acknowledge that if you Scam or ATTEMPT to scam, your name will be blacklisted and administrative measures will be taken. If you break any of the ToS, you acknowledge that you will be handled on our terms. Meaning possible kicks/mutes/bans could be involved. *Donations with money/items made by gambling/merching are fine. **Example: If you pay 7q for the 7q package and are paying it off (9Q) and then decided to not use the items anymore, so you ask for a refund. We will not provide a full refund, We will take the items back and refund the initial fee (7Q) but not the payments. After 3 days, Refunds are NOT available and you HAVE to pay off the loaned items.
  11. I have seen your drop log, you are qualified in the sense of being a PvMer. But as madman said, how would the plantation help you? And what are your plans while in the club? We are trying to make this into a literally big plantation where people can contribute and obviously you have a custom glaive which makes us pretty useless as there is not much we can provide for you in items and instead of splitting the loots you can obviously claim your loots on your own. So i would like to see why this club interests you, what we can do for you, and also what is your goal/purpose in joining. Thank you!
  12. hi

    Hey, how's it going?
  13. It will be the person loaning the items as they are Trusted within the Club and they will verify everything before posting it. You just have to read the post and make sure everything is correct. And if it is not just PM the person and have them fix it.
  14. You have been trusted with multiple things, I have no problem of accepting this and also promoting your to Leader/General just because you are very well known in the community and your PvM is merciless. Vouch
  15. I feel like you would be great for it. I think the Videos would come out more and you can always give us a shout out for other players to come. I think this is good for both parties. Thanks for application, i will wait for other members to comment to decide!