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  1. Having a new pet would be nice to have in-game but for ::donate i would say more around $89 just because Party Pie is only a $50 donation and is cosmetic and because people are mostly looking for armor or weapons. Also the most expensive pet in-game is the Chaos Elemental Jr (Pet) for 750T + and most player can't even sell it for 800T. But i do like how it will help against bosses that drain prayer. but if you want it to be a ::donate for $175 and 5Q-6Q in-game make it instead of 5% drop rate, make it have 5% damage increase so it can also attack with you on top of the 10% doubling ultra rare loot. Because we already have a pets like that and like i said Chaos Elemental Jr (Pet) is 750T + and most player can't even sell it for even 800T. But if you got a pet with 5% damage increase & give 10% double your loot on top of helping you against bosses that drain prayer, you got one OP pet. I do like you idea!
  2. I love it. Like everyone said we already have both the Luigi & Mario head. So why not have a full set. It would be great for events and having a new cosmetic would help out the economy a bit. And I've been say we need new items in-game so you got my attention! Support 100%!!
  3. Dreamscape is becoming a lot bigger of a server. Now there's not enough bosses to go around. And putting more of the same boss in the same area can make players lag. but on the other hand lot of players like myself have suggested in the past for new bosses. But where would we put the old or new bosses? Would we have to make new areas? Well I think I might have the answer for that, what about unused areas? Like the old Dicezone or that place that has the big Simpson statue and a lot more places. Here are some of the examples I came up with: from this to this from this to this from this to this from this to this I believe it would make it a lot easier than trying to create a new area. It will also give the community a chance to spread out more. Also having to many players in the same area can cause massive lag. And that is what we been having a lot of lately.
  4. My suggestion is for getting players to do PVP again by fixing the shop! The one thing that I noticed about dreamscape is that PVP has died. I barely see anybody in the wild. I believe I know the reason. I believe it died because of the PK shop. If you look at the shop there's really no point in PVP if you don't get rewarded with at least some good items. Take a look for yourself, this is the PK shop. Do you see anything you want to have or better yet see anything you want as a reward for doing it? So this is my suggestion. Let's bring it back by putting some of the same items & some quality gear that still in the game & some high-end items that don't have to do with PVP but items that people would love to have. Another way we could do it is by putting brand new PVP gear into the shop that people would love to have & some other high-end items people would also love to have. But can only get it from PK points at the PK Shop. For an example something like this: OR This will take a little bit of time because some of these items will have to be taken out of other shops as well. Just because it would only be for the PK shop. That is why I also suggested add new PVP gear. So it's only designed just for the PK shop.
  5. I absolutely love this idea. Having a new boss & armor would be nice. I do agree on not having enough mage sets & the ones we do have are really expensive. But I do have to also agree with @Zodiac. There should definitely be a damage increase instead of a drop rate increase. Especially when you need 99 mage & 99 defense in order to wear the armor. I know there is an armor set that already has drop rate increase & I believe there is possibly another set as well. In my personal opinion I think the drop rate doesn't fully work in dreamscape anymore since they added the Soul System. But other than that I absolutely 100% support this suggestion. This would make an awesome addition to the mage part of our community.
  6. I have a suggestion for crystal key. Instead of clicking on the chest to open the Crystal keys one by one. How about right clicking over the chest and it opens all of them or right clicking over the keys and having an option that says open all and then you hit the chest and it opens all of them. So the same concept but not so much clicking. You would still have to leave at least one space of inventory open in order for the keys to open. It would save time and help players. The crystal keys are used not only for new players but also for ::dailytask. So I believe this would be easier and it would help.
  7. In the tutorial in-game it shows new players different areas. But two things that I have noticed about the tutorial that a lot of new players ask us older players that have played for a while. For an example you need to be a donator to gamble in Dicezone. But in the tutorial it doesn't mention it at all. Another one is for raid's it doesn't explain how to get there like it does for dicezone. Doesn't tell the new player to do ::joinraid1 or ::joinraid2 or ::joinraid3. It only tell new players how hard raids are. My suggestion for the tutorial would be to add to the Dicezone part of the tutorial that players need to be any donator rank in order to gamble and for the second part of my suggestion is to add how to get to each raid.
  8. Congratulations to all the Winners
  9. I do like the idea but that also means that you have to answer every question. Regardless if there is a staff in-game or not. I do like the upside to it. I really don't see any downsides to it other than the fact that if there's no staff in-game you kinda have to answer majority of the questions.
  10. Thanks @Hc Jessie for showing off some of my art. Thanks for the support! Keep up the awesome videos. And @Feeds I'm glad you like my art. I'm always making new art everyday. If you have any suggestions let me know. I'm always trying new things.
  11. I have a suggestion about possibly adding some new bosses that drop new items. Seeing the same items can be pretty difficult to price. And if there are too many of the same items, it can drops the price a lot. Some players question if it's even worth getting, even if the items are really good to have. Some of the staff try to collect a lot of the same items and then get rid of them to help out the economy. The one thing that I've noticed that helped out the economy was when they added the new boss Oblivion Dragon. It came with its very own armour and weapon. It made the server go crazy on the day it was released. My idea is to do something similar. Instead of adding one new boss with its own items, what about multiples? I believe it would balance out the economy. Also it would be nice to have different range weapons & mage weapons & melee weapons for both new player & old/current players. It would be nice to have new places to teleport with different kinds of bosses & have new items. For new player: Possibly new bosses that look like there meant for someone with higher skills but it is design for new players. And maybe some new items that have a bit more bonus for new players. For old/current player: It would be nice to have new bosses with a bit more of a challenge & have some new items with good stats. Here are some different kind of bosses ideas & items ideas that I have.. Examples: Just something different for rang, mage, melee besides Spacejam Sword & Gold AK47 & Soul Flare... There's got to be a couple of bosses/areas that are being neglected or not being used. it could be an opportunity for a chance to make space for new bosses or items shops. As for new items, it could help get new ideas for the donation shop. I can't afford to donate majority of the time. But a lot of the items in the donation shop, most of them don't get donated or donated much. For an example how many time do you see people donate for a Glock or a Brutal Whip? Now imagine having some kind of new melee weapons or armour in the donation shop. Could you imagine how many new donations would be made? The donation chat box would go crazy. Also it would give players more ideas to make their own custom donations... Updated
  12. It dosen't have to be a symbol. Just something better than dark latter saying whos trested above your screen. Its hard to see a lot of the time because dicezone its self is dark and because the latters are also hard to see when a player outfit is next to the latters or its hard to see when everone is talking. http://imgur.com/sbqIa50
  13. it's like trying to fit 67% of players in one room.
  14. I have two suggestion for Dicezone. I've noticed more people are dicing especially when they added black jack table. Dicezone is really small. Time to time it can get crowded with the blackjack table & people dding & people doing flower poker. Sometimes it creates issues because the blackjack table is sort of big. I've also noticed with the server getting bigger new players or recent players get confused or don't know who is a trusted host. So here are my two suggestions, my first suggestion is to make Dicezone a bit bigger so people can put there blackjack table down & for people to have a bit more room to do flower poker & dding. My second suggestion is to put some kind of a symbol above the trusted host only when they are in dicezone. Just so it makes it easier for other players to identify who is a trusted host.
  15. I have a suggestion for in-game. There's been a lot of people joining the server & more to come I bet. And it's been getting harder now to kill Bosses/NPCS in both non-donator zones & donator zones. My suggestion is to add more Bosses/NPCS in both non-donator zones & donator zones or just donator zones. If you add more Bosses/NPCS just to donator zones it will give the server more chances for people to donate for a donator rank. But if you add more Bosses/NPCS in both non-donator zones & donator zones it gives the player more to work with rather than fighting on who gets a turn next.