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  1. Hello Everyone! I want to try something different for an event. So what I came up with was a photo event. Pretty much post your favorite moments with a collage of photos from DreamScape or post your own design of DreamScape or any art photo you can make from DreamScape. Just want to see what everybody's fun moments are or was from DreamScape & want to see players creativity. Yes there are rules. Just want this to be a fun event. Here are the rules & what i'm looking for & what your allowed to use: 1. All the photos that you put in your collage must be from DreamScape ONLY! 2. Iron Man are NOT allowed to join. My apologies, I just don't have staff helping me this time. 3. You can edit frames around your photos. Just as long as it's not from another game or other servers. 4. You can add stickers (meaning emoji's or speech bubbles & etc.) 5. You can use colorful backgrounds. Just not a background from different games or other servers. 6. GIF are NOT allowed. 7. You MUST put your in-game name next to your photo!! If you don't put your in-game name next to your photo, you don't win. You do not have to have custom items. Just looking for some fun looking photos or funny moments that you might have seen. I will be judging these photos by creativity. If you're not sure on what I'm looking for, here are two examples on what I'm looking for: Example one: Here is my own design of DreamScape. My in-game name E M C Example two: Here are some of my favorite moments made into a collage of photos. My in-game name E M C Here are the three prizes. First place 300T Second place American Torva Set with a Fallen death cape Third place Silver space sword I can't wait to see your awesome collages. I will pick the winners on October 15, 2017 (its a Sunday) at 7PM Eastern time zone. Wish everybody the best of luck! And remember to have fun with it!
  2. What i mean by new armor boxes is to give player a chance to win upgraded armor or any armor that gets add to the game. but the also have a chance to get noob armor.
  3. I'm not good at hide & seek but i like it. I would try it. It sounds fun! -Vouch
  4. This might be a odd suggestion. But my Suggestion is to add new boxes. I've noticed that we've had the same boxes that the YouTube's use for events/videos or in the donation shop that players can donate for. But it all drops pretty much the same things. Except for maybe one or twoboxes that you can only get through donating so much. Then I noticed when you go to ::market and you type in "box" this shows these boxes & more in descriptions. That I can't find & it makes me curious about these boxes would have dropped or what they do drop if they exist. It would be nice to have something different in the donation shop since it's been the same thing for as long as I played this server which has been a year or so. It could help bring money into the server. Also it would give YouTube's something new to use in videos & it would be great to use in events. Or possibly just adding new boxes in general. Everybody's always asking for a new armor or new weapons. So what if we had boxes just for armor or even a box just for weapons. For an example a player has a chance to win a one new pice of an armor set or one pice of a noob armor set or even a few bill tickets or some random item in the game. The same thing can go for the weapons. Here are just a few examples of what the boxes look like possibly:: I think this would be awesome way to bring in money and help out the economy. What do you guys think???
  5. Thank you @Hc Drax!
  6. Updated: This event will take place on October 5, 2017 at 5PM (USA Eastern time-zone). This event is pretty much a hide and seek event. There will be an Admin helping me with this event and some other staff members helping me as well. Also this event is a Discord/In-Game event. All players can participate in this event, that also includes Iron Man. There will be six big prizes and if the event goes well there might be a seventh price. I am NOT telling what the special prizes are. Just know that they are BIG prizes. If you want to know what the prizes are join the event. And of course there is rules... Here are the rules: 1. You must be in Discord on October 5 during the time of the event. 2. If you are not in Discord during the event you are disqualified and will not win a prize. 3. You can only have one account in order to win a prize. 4. If you have multiple accounts during the event you are disqualified and will not win a prize. Join Discord tomorrow at 5PM (USA Eastern time-zone) to find out who you'er supposed to find to win a prizes and to know more about the Event. WE WILL NOT ANNOUNCE IT IN-GAME.
  7. Hello friends! I just want to let you guys know I might not be on as much. I've been having some personal life issues & adjusting to my new position at work, so I'm taking some time off from DreamScape. I might log in-game time to time & discord. It probably won't be as long as I normally am on. Just don't want people to worry about me if I am not in-game or discord as much. Besides person life issues I'm in my busy season at work. Because I'm a manager now at my work, I basically have one day off a week & two days off if I'm lucky. I will try to do my wiki editing as much as I can when I have time. I can't promise anything because my busy season starts in September and ends at the end of January. So there's a lot of reasons why I might not be on as much. My apologies. I'm still adjusting to my new position & some other things. Hope you guys can understand. And for those of you that I've talked to in discord I still plan to do my event just trying to plan it out better due to my hectic work schedule. But don't worry I will let you guys know on as soon as I get it ready...
  8. Change the drop rate or take it out. I'm a PVM player. Ever since dreamscape added the soul system, all drop rates seem to be nonexistent for Normal, Hardcore, and Iron Man. Drop rate was supposed to give you a better chance for drops. But now it seems like you can barely get a drop regardless of what you picked as a character or you have to kill the same boss for a long time in order to get a drop. I mean I'm a normal account & I get more drops then most players because I can stay in the same spot for hours. But yet I have not received a shadow drop & i got 3,967 Shadow King kills. As you can see: I think the original plan for the soul system was supposed to be the same as the original drop rate but just through the soul chest instead of getting the drop. But that doesn't even seem to be working. If that's how it's supposed to go. I think we should just change the drop rate or at least take it out. I hear people complain about the drop rate all the time in discord & in-game. I even asked some players & staff what they think about it... Here are some of the nice/not nice thing player/staff had to say about the drop rate: Tell me what you think about it. I would like to know. And would like to hear what the community has to say about it. For me i'm not happy with it.
  9. I know this is nothing new. But other player & myself would like to have new bosses & new weapons & armors. I would like to see more Magic bosses. So my suggestion is to have more Magic bosses that will attack player first & is a bit hard to kill. Like a boss that players can't just AKF. It would also be better if the weapons & armors had requirements in order to use/wear them (meaning you cannot equip them unless you have the requirements). The reason why I believe they should have requirements is because any player can just go get bones/items from other player or player-shops & level there prayer or other skills & then just put on whatever weapons or armor they want. But if there a requirement on the weapons & armors, it would make the player or players have to level & work hard in order to use them. It would also make it difficult to trade/buy them unless the other player has also reach the requirements. This would make them very valuable & hard to get. So here is an example: This would be an example of a Magic boss that is hard to kill. This boss would attack the player first & would drain the prayer. This would hopefully prevent players from AFKING. (please don't judge i'm not good with coming up with boss names) Example for a Magic weapon, the requirements you would need to be Level 46 Strength and Level 59 Magic in order to equipped/use it. Example for Magic armor, the requirements you would need to be Level 54 Strength & Level 63 Magic in order to equipped/wear the full set. Side note: To me it just seems like everyone is focused on the main bosses that give better drops than others. And some players forget to logout & go AFK & that causes lagg. Its also really easy to make a new account and immediately wear armor and use weapons. That doesn't seem far to new players or people the like to PVM.
  10. How to get more people to join DreamScape I've seen a lot of suggestions for in-game and I've done some myself. But I haven't seen anything about the homepage. I know we want more people to join the server. But If we want to bring more people onto the server, we need to explain what kind of a server this is. For an example the homepage needs to be updated. We have two pictures of Voldemort. Also on the bottom section it says join our teamspeak. And between the two pictures of Voldemort, there's a picture that explains a bit about the server. But there's no description about the server saying that it's a custom private server. My suggestion is to add some different/new photos with some information about the server or possibly a video on the homepage that shows what the survey is & what it has to offer. The reason why is a lot of people look at the homepage before they decide to join but if there's not a lot of information to go off of, they may or may not join.
  11. Name/Nickname: Libby In-Game Name: E M C Forums Name: E_M_C Country and Time-Zone: USA Eastern Time-zone Proof of Days Played (screenshot): How often are you active In-Game and on Forums: Playtime average 6 hours a day roughly, and forums average an hour and a half a day roughly. I also work an average of 3 days a week, or 5 to 6 days a week in the busy season/holiday. Do you have experience with editing Wiki? If so, what kind: I do not. How much time do you spend on our Wiki: Roughly an hour to an hour and half. Sometimes more. If you have been Banned/Jailed/Muted, please explain the reasoning behind this and why you should be accepted to be chosen as an editor: I haven't been Banned or Jailed or Muted. I've only been kicked, do to my character getting stuck in-game. In Two (2) sentences, why should you be chosen as a Wiki Editor: Even though I do not have experience with wiki editing, I do however help out the wiki team time to time with stuff I have noticed. I believe I would be a great addition to the team because I have spotted a few things on the wiki page that was missing some information or some information that needed to be added. I also have a few ideas that could help out the wiki page.
  12. Having a new pet would be nice to have in-game but for ::donate i would say more around $89 just because Party Pie is only a $50 donation and is cosmetic and because people are mostly looking for armor or weapons. Also the most expensive pet in-game is the Chaos Elemental Jr (Pet) for 750T + and most player can't even sell it for 800T. But i do like how it will help against bosses that drain prayer. but if you want it to be a ::donate for $175 and 5Q-6Q in-game make it instead of 5% drop rate, make it have 5% damage increase so it can also attack with you on top of the 10% doubling ultra rare loot. Because we already have a pets like that and like i said Chaos Elemental Jr (Pet) is 750T + and most player can't even sell it for even 800T. But if you got a pet with 5% damage increase & give 10% double your loot on top of helping you against bosses that drain prayer, you got one OP pet. I do like you idea!
  13. I love it. Like everyone said we already have both the Luigi & Mario head. So why not have a full set. It would be great for events and having a new cosmetic would help out the economy a bit. And I've been say we need new items in-game so you got my attention! Support 100%!!
  14. Dreamscape is becoming a lot bigger of a server. Now there's not enough bosses to go around. And putting more of the same boss in the same area can make players lag. but on the other hand lot of players like myself have suggested in the past for new bosses. But where would we put the old or new bosses? Would we have to make new areas? Well I think I might have the answer for that, what about unused areas? Like the old Dicezone or that place that has the big Simpson statue and a lot more places. Here are some of the examples I came up with: from this to this from this to this from this to this from this to this I believe it would make it a lot easier than trying to create a new area. It will also give the community a chance to spread out more. Also having to many players in the same area can cause massive lag. And that is what we been having a lot of lately.
  15. My suggestion is for getting players to do PVP again by fixing the shop! The one thing that I noticed about dreamscape is that PVP has died. I barely see anybody in the wild. I believe I know the reason. I believe it died because of the PK shop. If you look at the shop there's really no point in PVP if you don't get rewarded with at least some good items. Take a look for yourself, this is the PK shop. Do you see anything you want to have or better yet see anything you want as a reward for doing it? So this is my suggestion. Let's bring it back by putting some of the same items & some quality gear that still in the game & some high-end items that don't have to do with PVP but items that people would love to have. Another way we could do it is by putting brand new PVP gear into the shop that people would love to have & some other high-end items people would also love to have. But can only get it from PK points at the PK Shop. For an example something like this: OR This will take a little bit of time because some of these items will have to be taken out of other shops as well. Just because it would only be for the PK shop. That is why I also suggested add new PVP gear. So it's only designed just for the PK shop.