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  1. Vouch, a rework of vote rewards should be done, with as many players as we keep getting, we need to help push motivation even if stacks of mystery boxes were added, like how the quadron boxes give 1b tickets, make it so vote books give a number of mboxes up to like 50 being a top reward, it would help push more boxes into game and help ppl figure out what to start going for
  2. Vouch, we need better boots it seems to stop at elemental boots, then just skips up to the emperor sets and cosmetics, theres a loss of combat based boots that the game could really use
  3. Vouch, those wyrms have been neglected for a lonng time, and need to have some kind of revamp for the most part they seem pretty ignored, and they require slayer to kill maybe add the old dreamscape point tickets as a drop back into the game, help provide more points for slayer players
  4. Vouch, its always pesky to be part way through a clue to have to drop it due to a part that just isnt coded right
  5. vouch, we need a larger variety of monsters to keep players on their toes, not so much a difficult box, but only having the 2 bosses that drain prayer (mage gray and chaos elemental) makes things too "AFK-able" and ends up provoking boredom in some players, if we had a lil more variety of range/melee/mage boss types it could change up how players take on the challenge
  6. Vouch, i've always wondered myself how i did in some grinds compared to others this would be perfect so i could keep grinding out kills and still keep track of things, and if your inventory is full it could add the rest to bank/collection box (when gambling with full inventory, items go to collection box)
  7. Vouch, it seems people sorta just ignore alot of the rules on dicing, and the staff end having to get involved in situations that shouldnt be necessary
  8. Vouch, newer players can get pretty over whelmed when first joining, with all the yells and people running around and drops and what not, its best to give them as much time to process everything they about to hit with
  9. Vouch, this could have some awesome additions to the server, and could help push things along in the team work process, maybe even make it so you need other players with you to do things
  10. Vouch, there needs to be some kind of system to the sponsor zone, with more and more sponsors coming into the game its not always easy to steal a spot from someone, or let alone keep ignoring someone being AFK in spots for hours, i've dealt with this myself, getting into pointless arguments over spots and kills
  11. Vouch, im sure they plan to fix as much as this as they can for all players, best to be patient, but bringing these things to attention is how they get done, good post
  12. Vouch, this could help bring more donations in, since ppl know that they'll be getting credit towards a bigger reward, it may decrease the larger donations so a variable may have to be taken into play, but im sure this would be a wonderful addition
  13. Vouch, the community can speak for it as well, we need a better fix on drops, or appropiate drop rates, going thousands of kills dry day in and day out can be stressful on newer players, especially when they grind out for the drop rate bonus gear, that just isn't doing anything for them.
  14. Vouch, this could help bring in new gear for raids in particular, maybe armour that could do enhanced damage so players with mini guns cant just take over raids, make it so certain gear is specified for raids and it will help more ppl be able to kill raids
  15. Vouch, we need to push people towards discord to get them to communicate with everyone, it seems players get the best experience when they start to communicate physcally with the community