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  1. Hello everyone, My suggestion is probably already brought to you all but I wanted to share this again. We need a new dicezone or an extra dicezone. Alot of people come and complain about people afking in dicezone or constantly standing on their flowers during fping and with the addition of the blackjack tables the dicezone is always packed and filled with people. My suggestion would be this: If you go to dicezone and walk all the way south and look on your map you can see another "dicezone" but completely empty. I would like to use that room for another dicezone where you can gain acces by a command or a teleport spot behind te flower girl to teleport to the other zone. The only thing I want to add is to make that zone only for extreme+ so they can Fp without people dropping BJ tables on em or some afking the whole time. My last suggestion is about afking. Too many people are afking in dicezone. If this is possible they should kick you automatically to home after you go afk for longer than like 10-15 mins so they dont stay in dicezone and block for others. Thank you for taking time to read this and I would love some feedback on this. #DSGANG
  2. Very active in dicezone and discord, always ready to help when needed and always fun to talk to. you've been helping me lately in dicezone with mming for people, I saw how you handled that and saw how trusted you are in this community. I would love to see you on the team 100% Vouch! Best of luck!
  3. Great work!!! Thanks guys!
  4. NEUTRAL You are very trusted in the community and I like you as a person but we have requirements. You don't have a Dice CC rank and I would like to see payout screens. My last thing is try hosting more because I don't see u hosting anything. Try working on that and you'll have my 100% vouch. Best of luck.
  5. I will never forget how you helped me with my YouTube Channel, without you dreamscape wouldnt have so much youtubers as we do right now. I want to thank you for all your help and dedication towards the media department. I hope to see you back soon man Take care ❤️
  6. In-Game Name: "Joeztube" Real Name/Nickname: "Joez" In-game play time (Picture): Age: "20" Time Zone: "Central European Time ( CET)" Boss logs (Picture): Why do you think you should be a part of The Plantation? "I know I am a trusted host but I dont only gamble, I like to pvm on my alt too. I dont have an ownercape but I can grind hours long and try getting some drops and build up to afford an OC. I dont know if I deserve this and I am not a hardcore pvmmer but I know I can do this." Do you Accept the Tos? (What is Rule #6? (Also say Yes or No at the end of your answer)): "Yes, I Accept the Terms Of Services and there is no Rule #6." Thank you for taking time to read My application. Kind Regards Joeztube.
  7. NO VOUCH First of all you do not meet the requirements, you have to be active on the forums too. Like mentioned before it seems like you are rushing your application and it is poorly written and structured. Also your reason why you should be a TH is not good enough. We know that there arent always TDs online but that is not why you should become one. I never even saw you on discord, never talked to you and I don't know if you are trusted in the community. Try working on this and Goodluck on your application.
  8. Thank you @Hc Jessie For hosting this Event and Goodluck to everyone!!!!
  9. Damn this droplog is littt keep that going and what about you add upgrades to it? Like upgrade shadow pieces or elemental pieces (up to you if you want to sell tho)
  10. Our doors will always be open for you Max!! It's sad to see you leave for now because I love those videos you were making I will miss them man!! Take care and hope to see you soon
  11. VOUCH Great application, perfectly structured and very detailed. Great activity in dicezone,forums and Discord, very popular under the community aswell as staff. I didn't know you before but I've watched you and heared alot of good things about you, nothing negative. You also help the TD team out when dicezone is packed and when there is no TD online. Always offering help and this is what we are looking for. I know you don't really gamble alot but you can host small bets too like you mentioned and i'm fine with that. Best of Luck
  12. NO VOUCH I like you as a person and as a friend but I don't see a TD in you (for now). I've watched you gamble people and if they didnt rematch you you would just call them "pussy" or "runners", You also cursed on people when you rage after a loss. To be honest, I've never saw you hosting Hoc or Blackjack (besides the BJ table) The positive things about you is that you are very active in dicezone and on discord. And you are well known in the community. Try working on the negative points and You will have my vouch. Best of luck
  13. Can't wait for it!!
  14. NEUTRAL You have been active in dicezone,forums & discord and you are well known in the community. But I've noticed too that you like to AFK for a while. I also called you couple times ingame at different times but you weren't there. Standing AFK in dicezone doesnt mean that you're active. Try working on that and you'll get my Vouch. Best of luck
  15. Goodluck To everyone!