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  1. very nice art work a d t r i really loved it:0
  2. amazing video maximum I really enjoy box opening videos,
  3. this outfit i was using aloooooot https://prnt.sc/g8pjli https://prnt.sc/g8pjp1 :0
  4. great video by you jessie , good job! really enjoy them personally hope you do more! much lv
  6. a very nice idea of you zaro, but don't you think a month is so long?, personally i think it is it should be like weekly, other than that you got a vouch good luck!
  7. such an amazing idea brilliant one actually, this should be added but I think more items will get crashed badly but other than that it really amazing idea, adding new items to the shop will potentially make pking alot more active and useful, super nice suggestion e_m_c you have a vouch! good luck
  8. such an amazing idea thank you for suggesting this awesome idea, but, in my personal opinion, its so overpowered and NPCs such as magegray and chaos elemental would be really easy ( it's not supposed to be easy) that's my opinion on it,
  9. thank you floppytevh1 for hosting this amazing giveaway for the new players, much appretiate it, nice videos keep them rolling like a dice bag
  10. but in my opinion, account sharing is kinda rough since, if you and your other mate wanted to log in at the same time that could be a problem and there might be an account trading by allowed account sharing, example: the 1st mate wanted to sell the account for the antoher guy, and the second guy doesn't want that, and the 1st mate could possibly change the password, and a lot of things could happen, keep in mind that an example of what could happen, i know there are a lot of benefits of it, (from a past memory of mine) my personal opinion is no vouch,
  11. hello everybody, so today I will be suggesting a potential new boss, in dreamscape, there aren't that much good mage sets, most popular ones are "inga armor" and "oblivion armor" let's start with oblivion, oblivion armor is so expensive for some guys in game so we need a new mage set, celestial dragon : Celestial dragons are modified dragons that could potentially stun their opponent and their breaths can only be blocked by dragon fire shield, and they can drop celestial armor, they have 20,000 hitpoints, celestial armor is a mage armor, and 99 mage and 99 defence are needed to wear the celestial set. also celestial set gives 10% drop rate bouns and celestial set gives 5% double drop bouns Item Attributes Style bonus celestial hood - - - - - - 100 - - - - 350 celestial robe top - - - - - - 100 - - - - 350 celestial robe bottom - - - - - - 100 - - - - 350 celestial gloves - - - - - - 100 - - - - 350 celestial shoes - - - - - - 100 - - - - 350 celestial shield - - - - - - 200 - - - - 400 englishlog/englog
  12. did you know that 11% of the people across this world are left handed?!?!?!??!?!
  13. such an amazing idea for a custom set : "Mario set as shown in the picture you mentioned" and "Luigi set as you shown in the picture " it will be amazing to be honest since there are heads for Mario and Luigi ingame, you have my vouch ! good luck
  14. thank you, Jessie for making alot of giveaways and i hope you do more and i wish you the best of luck in youtube englog,
  15. good luck to unicow/hi its guru/yvez you are all my friends so it doesn't matter who wins goooooooooooooooooooooooooodd luckkk