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  1. ooooooooooo this going to be LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT #DSGANG
  2. congratulations ownercsape, well done 2#,, chuck is 1#
  3. hello everyone, this is a suggestion on a new gambling game called "real or fake" shortcut on it "rof", RULES: you plant TWO plants, if you get a pair as such "blue,blue/red,red" thats a real pair, if you plant a rainbow it will give u the abilite to go with "blue,red,yellow" so you can win. if you get two random hot/cold colors as such "blue,pastel"/"Red.yellow" thats a fake color HOW TO WIN : if you get a real pair (explained above),and with rainbow gives the abilite to win with "blue/red/yellow" FAKE PAIR: two colors of hot/cold (not the same colors). huge shooutou to : SLP (ingame name) he is the one who invented this game, comment your opinion
  4. I see myself, but not tagged r.i.p
  5. 10/10 for being the nooby guru I always knew . +1/10 for the signature bsssssht amazig
  6. 9/10 for being active in forums but not ingame XD PS:ilu
  7. jota, you are so active in game, and you are well experienced in game and knowledgeable with most of the situations Therefore, i will be giving you massive VOUCH , good luck!
  8. very amazing guide. obviously a lot of time was putten to make this legendary guide hope everyone enjoys it and appreciate the work and time you put into it
  9. aaaaaweee. really painful seeing pot leaves. i will always be drinking super restores to remeber your name , really sad seeing a legend as @Potentials leave, hop on discord once in a while
  10. zaro, as far as I seen you in game you are really active, I noticed that you use couple words that someone wouldn't say, that means you are educated and your typing skills are higher than medium really nice application, therefore, I'll be giving you a vouch, good luck
  11. we will be seeing each other when the 2 days are over, hope you have a wonderful time good luck
  12. exdacy, I am going to say no vouch, because I never seen you in dicezone lately. and you aren't active enough, I never see you online. and a + to the reasons I said, you don't meet with trusted hosts's requirements.
  13. on your youtube channel, I saw literally 8 videos just "new intro" you are kinda active lately you should put more work on being active, your videos are most likely as a money maker videos, in my personal opinion you should do more content. dedicated more time into series you started a couple of them and never even work on them, for now, i will be on neutral ,
  14. amazing guide but the more amazing is ur signatures bssht flawless! gorgeously made!
  15. in game :englog amazing videos jessie hope ya make more