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  1. @Feeds you poor things smh.. theres one thing you dont know lol and you said you know everything. Well not this one thing lol only i know :p
  2. 10/10 for @Zaro being really active on forums want to see more ingame tho
  3. !!VOTING!! Everyone take a look a the top winners and see which one you like best. simply cast your vote above to determine the winner. However be sure not to vote for yourself! @Thatfriend @Est F1sher @Bman @Riddy @Squishy @englishlog
  4. A great video bro! some feedback to make it better would be to take out the black bars pm me on discord and we will talk. also slow done the video just a hair and your golden bro !! Keep it up!!!
  5. I will always be here to help and give you better software to record and edit with to Ferris of those black bars and add music all the good stuff be sure to pm me
  6. Agreed a revamp would be great. Not just would it make players happy and want to vote but would raise they price for the books themselvs making members want them for the rewards and or cash. Vouche
  7. nice video homie was waiting for it :p keep it going
  8. Brad's Badass Minigun Welcome everyone! Today's video will show you a taste of what a custom item can do ! i hope you enjoy be sure to hit that like and come join today! if your new be sure to subscribe to my channel for more content and awesome future giveaway! My YouTube Channel> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBwaKPLCAqUdqQkIJZA9Ag
  9. Not a bad job tbh. Some small things you can do to improve: #1) turn your mic volume up or edit it and turn the volume up. #2) get rid of the black bars on the top and bottom of the screen #3) maybe try some different music Other than that man not bad!
  10. Welcome my dudes!! I hope you enjoy my dudes!! Featuring 56 Dream Mystery Boxes!! The loots are rare and ultra rares and more!! You just gotta watch and see There is more amazing videos to come so stay tune !! Make sure if your new to Subscribe, and turn on notifications! Love you all and thank you so much for the support!! YouTube Channel Link > https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgBwaKPLCAqUdqQkIJZA9Ag
  11. There it is not bad man im glad to see you posting to forums. Need any advice pm me homie.
  12. ATTENTION RANKED AND NON RANKED YOUTUBERS I need everyone youtuber ranked and non-ranked to send me your channel link and the count of videos youve done so far!! Please send it do me via forums or discord!!! i need them asap!!
  13. Agreed with Potentials you are a great youtuber man, i do hope to see you back some day. Thank you for everything you've done and all your content. I enjoy your videos very much and hope to see you return <3
  14. Yes bro be sure to pm me so we can speak about getting you better recording and editing software!
  15. Welcome Everyone I know we did this event last month, but i love doing it to see what amazing outfits you guys put together. I usually put restrictions on these events, but not this one Please read all rules and follow them! #1) There are no restrictions, you can wear anything you want! custom or non-custom. #2) You must comment your entry below in the comments (Meaning no pm's) #3) You can only have 1 entry fashion outfit, you can however post multiple photos of the same outfit in one comment to show it off better. #4) Rules number 4, look your absolute best!! If you try to enter wearing nothing your disqualified. #1- Blue Boxing Gloves #2- Phoenix Pet #3- SoulFlare Such amazing prices!! So goodluck to everyone! Also don't forget to support the Dreamscape ranked and nonranked youtubers below: @Floppy Tech <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbv-xrO089yXyl3iodBGxHQ @Hc Maximum <3> https://www.youtube.com/user/NeverGiveUp744 @Rhysj <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3sLqWmm1jY4PaeHrsnKGlw @Joeztube <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClVfjA1t12niyK_0sjIIqtQ @Phoenix <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3_vMev-3DPTTQPD7K_xpg @saint <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_TqMmRtM4VsaGFjVt6gLVA @Gainz <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMNQDr_xZYVps1vGW3F4wCA @Video rsps <3> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa0LySYMA_Z-z9OMdXtoJJA Lets gets those subs up boys!! There are many more youtubers, so make sure to keep up with all the latest content from your phone or computer! Leave feedback, likes or dislikes and let them know how they did or are doing! Good luck everyone !