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  1. How about you ditch amsterdam and come to the north with me? eh? eh? Nah but for real, lucky son of a gun Have a good trip! gonna miss you lots
  2. Dang what a generous event Better than the immortal stone fragment event in my opinion :D Loving the 4th prize draxxie
  3. Oh dang waddup! Can't wait to see where this journey takes you. -I'll be following the series until you reach them riches Goodluck on the adventure!
  4. Gahh I really hate you but love you. I see you put type faster than me on green, hmhmmh. This Saturday night, typeracer be there or be square na but for real, no need to apologize for this. You've already done tremendous amounts of hours in game, just take a little break and focus on your studies!
  5. Dang would you look at that! Our lord Drax hosting a 420 donation event just for you guys <3 Merry 420 Day to all of you
  6. Dang, hope you come back homie! Won't be the same without ma lil helper who corrects me when im wrong
  7. Awe im gonna miss you ): Cant wait to chill with ya again in december :D -When you come back, I promise i'll be rich. Okay maybe not And fyi, that gif is amazing <3
  8. Ayyy a lot of effort went into this introduction! Welcome to Dreamscape 317 <3 Lookin forward to chillin in discord If you have any questions feel free to pm me in game :D
  9. Oohh another sexy video I'm loving this series so far! Cant wait to see the next episode in this series :D You'll get something amazing I can feel it in my back
  10. Due to only 4 people coming, we're rescheduling this jeopardy event for Sunday 15th April 18:00 GMT
  11. Good video homie! Can't wait to see what else you make Some suggestions on how you could improve -Don't crop out the chat, make all of it visible instead of cutting some of it off -Add some voice narration instead of just text, makes it more engaging for the audience
  12. Ooooh welcome to Dreamscape homie! Hope your stay is amazing. As the previous 3 noobs have said, if you need any help feel free to pm us Can't wait to see you around in game
  13. Hmhmh, by popular demand my next event will contain 50% more tater tots! Thanks for taking your time and making this K3
  14. Changed the rules a little bit, the original was too easy.
  15. Dang bad luck on the keys homie! Next video you should try to collect 25 or 50 of every single boss, not just chaos ele's, shadow kings and necromancers. Still an awesome video though